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the earth is not a cold dead place

the Earth is not a cold dead place
March 29 - April 22, 2011

This exhibit arises out of a sense of awe about the natural world and
a shared interest in exploring the ways humans interact with nature.
It also rises from a shared concern about the destructive impacts of
that interaction. The works in the exhibit examine kaleidoscopic views
of nature as it reveals itself, possibly also revealing something of
human nature in the process.

liz antle
lindsay behrens
paul daukas jr
anne doris-eisner
barbara harder
ann langdon
thomas stavovy
mathew weber

curated by unh students:
laura cote
bridget mcclellan
david schultz
brianne stoehr
katherine szabo
bonnie trepanier

As part of the Museum Studies Concentration, six students curated the
exhibit the Earth is not a cold dead place.  During the fall semester,
Exhibition Development I students began the curatorial process by
attending City Wide Open Studios in New Haven. They met with artists,
read many artist statements, and began to narrow down their selections
for the show. As they evolved a theme for the exhibit, they critically
viewed and studied many other exhibits to refine their ideas. In the
spring semester, they continued in Exhibition Development II to
finalize the selection of artists and specific pieces through studio
visits, emails, and web research. They arranged contracts, drop-off
times, and insurance forms. They then began to draft the design of the
exhibit in a model, and through many revisions, arrived at the exhibit
currently on view in the Seton Gallery. The artists in attendance at
the reception were thrilled with the exhibit, both conceptually and


 University of New Haven: Seton Gallery:the earth is not a cold dead place

University of New Haven: Seton Gallery:the earth is not a cold dead place