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Picturing The Sounds

Picturing the Sounds: Dialects of Contemporary Composers
Curated by Theresa Sauer and Chris Reba
October 7th – November 11th, 2010

Picturing the Sounds: Dialects of Contemporary Composers is an exhibit
of innovative musical scores from the collection of Notations 21,
exploring where music notation meets the visual arts.  Experimental
music needs experimental methods of depicting sounds.  Contemporary
composers from around the globe have created their own notational
symbols, or entirely new systems of notation, to express musical ideas
that standard notation cannot.  Some composers create new additions to
the traditional system of notation, while others create entirely new
systems of depicting sound. For more information, please visit
Several of the Notations 21 scores will be performed live during a
one-hour concert prior to the reception by musicians from across the
country. The works performed include compositions by Pozzi Escot, Joel
Cadabe, Chris Chalafant, Will Redman, Martin Sebastian Loyato and
Daniel Schnee.

Curator Bios:
Chris Reba is an assistant professor of music and sound recording at
the University of New Haven. He holds degrees in music composition
from the University of California, San Diego, and the State University
of New York at Buffalo. He has studied composition with Roger
Reynolds, Chaya Czernowin, Cort Lippe, Steven Kazuo Takasugi, Rand
Steiger and Jeff Stadelman and studied contrabass with Bertram
Turetzky. A professional musician since the age of 16, Reba has played
with distinguished artists in many musical genres, including Grammy
Award winning artists Sean and Sara Watkins of Nickel Creek; Larry
Mitchell, solo artist and guitarist with Tracy Chapman; and Chris
Prescott of Pinback, No Knife, the Jade Shader and others. He is a
founding member of the Open Music Foundation, a not-for-profit
organization for composers and artists dedicated to the promotion of
artistic expression based on unconventional, experimental, open-form
and especially graphical forms of communicating musical ideas.  He is
a member of the College Music Society, a composing and publishing
member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers
(ASCAP) and a published member of the Audio Engineering Society.

Theresa Sauer is a musicologist, author, composer, curator, and
lecturer based in New York. Recently, her book Notations 21 (Mark
Batty Publisher, 2009) has garnered much attention worldwide for its
innovative approach to the presentation of experimental and visual
notation. The book was inspired by John Cage’s book Notations (1969).
Sauer received a major award from the Project Room for New Media at
the Chelsea Art Museum in New York City in 2008 to present a concert
series, exhibit, and installation based on Notations 21. She has
written for the “International Alliance for Women in Music Journal,”
including interviews with Stuart Saunders Smith and Sylvia Smith and
Kyong Mee Choi. She is in the midst of writing a five-article series
for the “International Alliance for Women in Music Journal” entitled
“Encounters with Contemporary Women Composers.” Sauer has a
Bachelor-of Science degree in musical education from Hofstra
University and a Master of Arts degree in musicology and composition
from Long Island University. She studied computer software, graphic
design, digital arts and typography at The New School. A Notations 21
Festival is in the works for April 2011 as part of the Gaudeamus Musik
Week in Amsterdam.


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