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Slight of Hand: A Play on Words

Rachel Hellerich, The Confession, 2011, Acrylic and graphite on canvas, 48" x 60," image courtesy of the artist. 

March 6- 21, 2014

Opening: Thursday, March 13, 6-8 p.m. 

Participating Artists: Geoffrey Detrani, Rachel Hellerich, Debbie Hesse, Jeanne Heifetz, Tim Nikiforuk,

Rachael A. Vaters-Carr

Intended to be a play on words: slight, refers to modest, handmade gestures that form interplays of spatial configurations. When one envisions space in the minds eye, memories fade and certain details come into focus.  Often our memory of a particular space conflicts with physical rules, and the mind has a unique way of imposing elements from one space with those of another.  Whether those spaces recall chaos theories, explore organic matter, and/or expose socio-political histories, each participating artist addresses his and her own shifting spatial perceptions.

From the layered abstractions of Geoffrey Detrani to the iconic geysers and volcanoes of Rachael A. Vaters-Carr, this exhibit attempts to capture spaces that are familiar but vaguely distant. Rachel Hellerich’s detailed paintings draw on a variety of architectural references from German WWII style structures to Islamic patterns, depicting representational and embellished spaces. Debbie Hesse assembles plant matter with plastic and foam, alluding to the fragile balance between humans and nature. Jenanne Heifetz works with quartzite, bronze, zinc, nickel, and wax to generate sinuous lines that recall ridges and other natural formations. Tim Nikiforuk, University of New Haven Art and Design faculty member, references biological entities and systems through condensed layering. Through line, pattern, and textured surfaces, the artists in Slight of Hand employ highly crafted techniques that are subtle yet evocative.