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Damon LucibelloDamon Lucibello

My name is Damon Lucibello. I am the DJ responsible for the creation of a very diverse college radio program called The Show With No Name. The Show With No Name airs weekly on Friday evenings from 10 PM to 12 AM EST. on 88.7 WNHU and The Show With No Name began broadcasting on January 28, 2004. I was playing music on the heavier side of the spectrum (i.e. metal, hardcore, death metal, grindcore, and punk) on WNHU for eleven and a half years prior to the program's first broadcast. The redundancy of many of the newer bands grouped into these louder musical genres inspired me to change my show's format. The Show With No Name features artists that specialize in the areas of ambient, electronic, new age, world, avant-garde, jazz, experimental and instrumental music. The show's purpose is to focus on those genres of music that: 1. are not presently featured on the airwaves of WNHU and/or 2. are not receiving enough attention from other radio

 stations. Since I do not have to follow a strict format, I can play whatever I like. Therefore, do not be surprised to hear heavy or loud music thrown into the mix from time to time. One cannot forget one's roots... Since the program features a wide range of musical styles, it originally had no name or title. I believed that giving the program a name would have been too restrictive. Since I was put on the spot and forced to give the program a name, I decided that The Show With No Name would be the perfect no-frills label. Who needs a name for a radio program anyways? Just let the music speak for itself...

Dick GrahamDick Graham

Dick Graham started at the University of New Haven as a volunteer reader for CRIS in 1995. After retiring from the city of West Haven in 2008 with almost 32 years of service, Chris Cerrami liked his voice at WNHU 88.7 and invited him to do sports and news updates at 88.7FM. Since 2009, he’s done the whole range of broadcasting here at UNH as a volunteer: sports and news updates, Sports Monday from 6-7 am , and now he’s primetime on Friday Night sports along with the "Spin Doctor" John Spinnatto.

Greg SchmittGreg Schmitt

Welcome to Noize In The Attic! Playing deep classic hard rock & heavy metal cuts while premiering the newest from the genre you love! We're also interviewing your favorite artists as well as promoting their local gigs with giveaways and surprises! Tune in to your one-stop shop for all the music you know and love. Noize In The Attic - Where your past comes back to haunt you.


Ken MichaelsKen Kassoff
Beatles Program “EVERY LITTLE THING”
Wednesdays 8-10pm, EST

 Ken Michaels began his radio career where he studied communications at the New York Institute of Technology in Old Westbury, NY. He started a weekly Beatles program in March 1982 at the college station WNYT, and from there took the show to New Jersey rocker WDHA-FM where it ran 1983-1993. His program later appeared on Long Island’s oldies station B-103 (1995-1996) and was heard nationally on XM Radio on two of their channels---Fine Tuning (an all-eclectic music channel) and with his short features “Beatles News” and “Beatles Breaks” on their 60’s channel (2003-2009.)  After hosting a syndicated radio special for the classic Paul McCartney & Wings album “Band On The Run” heard on 260 radio stations, Ken’s Beatles show “Every Little Thing” went into syndication, and is currently heard on 20 radio stations, and as a live broadcast Wednesdays 8-10pm (EST) on WNHU.  Ken also co-hosts the weekly Beatles news-themed show “Things We Said Today” with Steve Marinucci, who writes articles everyday for the Internet’s leading Beatles news site, Beatles Examiner. This show can be heard at and also on iTunes. Ken has also worked as a radio producer for the ABC Radio Networks for such successful programs as “Flashback,” and “Screen Test.” While working at ABC, he interviewed many legendary music acts (Chicago, Tony Orlando & Dawn, Glen Campbell, and Donny Osmond.)

Ken’s Beatles show “Every Little Thing,” is a unique mix of the Beatles’ group recordings with the full catalogue of solo-music, well over 100 albums of material to pick from. Also featured are cover versions of Beatles songs, side projects, music from family members, tributes, novelty records, music from their Apple record label, rarities, interviews and more. Every show includes the latest Beatles news, the most unique thematic sets, and a wide variety of Beatles games and trivia with the latest Beatles products offered for prizes.  Ken’s website also features weekly trivia, contests and interviews. You can contact Ken at

Malcolm TentMalcolm Tent

Malcolm Tent, the man responsible for MR. TENT'S WILD RIDE, has been a full time record dealer since 1986 and full time record collector since birth. Because of this, he's always in contact with amazing music that he loves to share with his listeners. Visionary? Or total crank? Tune in to MR. TENT'S WILD RIDE and decide for yourself.



Pat and Joan KennedyPat and Joan Kennedy

Pat and Joan Kennedy have presented Echoes of Erin on WNHU 88.7FM for the past 23 years. This show has been on air at WNHU for almost 35 years. The original host was Johnny Moran from Oxford, CT. and upon his retirement the Kennedy's took to the airways. The show consists of a half hour of strictly traditional Irish music and one and a half hours of traditional and contemporary Irish entertainment.  Over the years the program included Irish language lessons, Irish cooking recipes, Irish history, Trivia contests, The Poets Corner,etc. etc. and for the past 22 years  have presented a "Day of Irish Music" from 8am to 6pm on St. Patrick's Day, March 17th.   The Kennedy's have been involved in all aspects of musical entertainment including music festivals, concerts, Folk dancing etc. Joan was president of the Connecticut and Western Mass. Traditional Musicians Association and Pat played drums with a Hartford based band for many years.  Both have been involved with several genres of music at the station.

Pat Kennedy presents a wonderful mix of songs and tunes from the 30s to the 70s on Wednesday morning from 8AM to 10AM.   From the big bands to the crooners, from the great female vocalists to comedy numbers, it's all here for your midweek enjoyment.  From an era when music was really music and the lyrics had a meaning.

Paul GosselinPaul Gosselin

Hello WNHU Listeners!

This is Paul Gosselin from "Music has no Prejudice." I've been a DJ at WNHU since June 1991 doing " Stroll down Memory Lane for the first 17 years. The show I do now is a Mixture. The Best of Memory Lane, and other Musical Genre. So to speak, "The Best of Both Worlds". Listen on Sundays 4-6 p.m. Looking forward to hear from you.





Pete Mezzetti

Pete Mezzetti

The Pete Mezzetti Show is a weekly public access show seen on Comcast public access Channel 19. The show can also be viewed on line on

“The Pete Mezzetti Show” airs weekly on Tuesdays from 7:00-8 PM on public access Channel 19. The show is televised on Valley Shore Community Television (VSCTV) and is aired in homes throughout Centerbrook, Chester, Clinton, Deep River, Durham, Essex, Haddam, Killingworth, Old Saybrook, and Westbrook.  It can be viewed on Comcast Clinton Channel 19, on FrontierTV, and online at  For more information, check out your local television station listings. 

If individuals want to become involved with the show or wish to submit guest or story ideas, email Peter at, or reach him via cell phone: (203) 506-8135.

For media inquiries, e-mail peter at or visit Peter’s blog 

The audio version of Pete's show airs weekly, - University of New Haven 88.7 FM. The show can be heard every Monday at noon. It can also be heard on demand at

Raeleen MautnerRaeleen Mautner 

Award-winning Author, Columnist, and Self-help specialist Dr. Raeleen D’Agostino Mautner advocates preserving Italian lifestyle traditions as the road to physical and emotional well-being. She is an internationally acclaimed writer, speaker, behaviorist, and former stress-reduction interventionist at Yale University. 

 “The Italian Art of Living Well” is broadcast live on Mondays at 7AM. Broadcast in English with a sprinkling of “italiano”, the show is a glimpse into the Italian and Italian American cultures for those who love Italy. It features  headlines from Italy, simple recipes, beautiful Italian music, mini language lessons,  interviews, and of course Dr. Mautner’s own brand of self-help tips, Italian-style.

Mautner, who holds a PhD in Educational/Cognitive Psychology is the author of Living la Dolce Vita: Bring the Passion, Laughter, and Serenity of Italy into Your Daily Life (Sourcebooks)., and Lemons into Limoncello: From Loss to Personal Renaissance with the Zest of Italy”  (HCI Books). She currently writes a weekly advice column for The Italian Tribune , and has also written articles for  Counselor Magazine, Psychology  Today, The Chicago Tribune,, America Oggi, Quirks Market Research, Fra Noi, and Italian America. Her work has been cited  in Family  Circle Magazine, First for Women, Seventeen, and Weight Watchers. She has appeared on national radio and TV, and has given presentations in the US And Italy.

Dr. Mautner–a dual citizen of both the US and Italy—  also served as Research Director for the American Italian Defense Association (AIDA) in Chicago, IL, a group of professionals that fights the negative stereotyping of Italian Americans and Italians, through legal means, education, and research; and as a consultant to the MOU  project among the Dept of Education/Global languages–NY Italian Consulate-IACE (Italian American Committee on Education), Dr. Mautner created the first Italian Language Resource Center for Italian Language Teachers in Connecticut. She currently writes, consults and speaks on ways to live well, by incorporating the positive, traditional Italian lifestyle principles that are also rooted in the psychology literature of well-being.

Dr. Mautner was awarded the Humanitarian Award by the ACIM (American Committee on Italian Migration), and the Congressional Recognition Award for Community Service by Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro.

To read more about Dr. Mautner or to send comments on The Italian Art of Living Well, visit her website, or email

La'Freeda PenderLa’Freeda Pender

Lady Free

“Bringing You Where You Need To Be”

  La’Freeda Pender began her journey with WNHU 88.7FM with “The New Gospel Exchange” in 2005.  Her love for music began at an early age.  Her first instrument was a recorder.  This sparked her interest in learning how to play instruments so she took the next step and graduated to playing the flute during elementary school and later the saxophone during high school along with singing in the high school choir and drama club. 

 She attended Eastern CT State University where she majored in Communications and minored in Music.  Although her love of music is broad, Lady Free believes Gospel Music is the root to her love for music.  Although she learned how to play instruments at a young age she began in the church choir and continues to serve as a choir member.   She is keyboard player in training and is a member of the Praise Team at her church.

Lady Free strives to bring comfort and encouragement to her listeners through Gospel Music and loves to introduce Gospel independent artists.  She was the Co-host of “The Holla Back Awards” Red Carpet event of 2013 and has served as the MC of various Gospel Events.

Lady Free is a part of a team of DJ’s for  “The New Gospel Exchange” which is aired every Sunday from 6:00pm-9:00pm.

John MazzaJohn Mazza

The Folk Show is currently on every Saturday from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.

John has been a volunteer programmer hosting The Folk Show at WNHU since 1998. His specialty is traditional folk music of the English-speaking world, covering the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland & Great Britain, with frequent excursions to other parts of the world. John takes a scholarly approach to the music he plays. He researches the culture, history, superstitions, religious beliefs and folk customs of the people who created these musical traditions and passed them down through countless generations to the present day. He presents the music and background information to the audience in a manner that is both entertaining and informative. John’s goal is “thoughtful, intelligent programming for thoughtful, intelligent listeners.” 

In July 2009, John concluded an 8-year-long project involving an exhaustive study of “The English and Scottish Popular Ballads,” known to scholars and folksong interpreters as “The Child Ballads.” This extensive, five-volume collection of centuries-old narrative songs was the life’s work of nineteenth-century Harvard professor Francis James Child. Working his way gradually through the collection, John played contemporary recordings of the ballads in a special segment of each Folk Show, supplementing the recordings with spoken plot summaries and detailed descriptions of the cultural and historical background for each ballad. 

Professionally, John was an accountant and financial analyst for several major U. S. corporations. He is now happily retired.

Rob Girard

WNHU-Rob Girard"PsychWord" airs every Friday LIVE from 3-4pm. Psych Word tackles trending issues, mental health, addiction and overall wellness. 

 Creator and host Rob Girard along with co-host Tina Jean bring a informative, edgy, yet comedic sound to WNHU. The show has a large following including taking LIVE phone calls during their broadcast. Along with DJ Chris Rush providing current blends and mixes during the music breaks, Psych Word provides a fresh outlook on serious issues that appeals to any age group.

Check them out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Heath Terry

Rev. Heath J. Terry aka DJ SOUL

A native of West Haven CT, he started out on 88.7 in 1981 as the MC Kid Finesse he was the  opening act for The Crash Crew, Cold Crush 4 MC's, Run DMC, Salt & Pepper and many others in the Tri-State area.  

After being called by God to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In 1995 Rev. Terry Pastored and had radio ministries based out of Montgomery Alabama.  He is also the Co-Founder of the Alabama Mass Choir of Montgomery, AL.

In 2010 Rev. Terry was led by the Spirit of God to start the Classic Gospel Show.  On the air every Sunday 10pm -1am EST, showcasing the best of Gospel Music and Sermons from today and yesterday.  A year later in 2011 Rev. Terry became DJ Soul. Playing the Best of Old School Secular Music. DJ Soul is on the air every Tuesday from 12am to 2am EST, playing the best of Old School, R&B, and Hip-Hop.

Rev. Terry's motto which comes from the Bible "To the weak became I as weak, I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some. King James Version

Casimir MajewskiCasimir Majewski 

Casimir Majewski was born in Poland. When Casimir was 8 years old, his brother, and his family were deported to Siberia. In 1942 they were deported again from Russia to Iran, India, South Africa and finally to what is now called Zambia. They lived there in refugee camps until 1949. Casimir`s father was not with them because he had joined the Polish Army and was fighting the Nazis in Italy; they never saw him again. Casimir`s mother died in Africa. When the war had ended, a group of Polish war orphans, like Casimir, was sent to Montreal, Quebec Canada. In Montreal he learned the trade of Lace weaving.

 In 1964, Casimir was recruited by American Fabrics Co. to come to the US. His wife Olga, and three children moved to Milford, CT. where his fourth child was born. Now with five grandchildren, they have decided to stay in Milford.

All his life, Casimir wanted to promote Polish Culture. To accomplish that goal he became a member of many Polish societies. He also turned to the media by writing for a Polish newspaper, Nowy Dziennik, and finally started a Polish Radio program called "Poland in Music and Songs" which he has been broadcasting for the last 40 years. He is grateful to WNHU for the opportunity they have been giving him through the years, and Casimir thanks his listeners for their support.

Junior Diamond

Junior Diamond hails from Brooklyn, NY by way of Kingston, Jamaica. He has been involved with WNHU since 1997, as a radio DJ personality. He brings with him a background in media communications and audio engineering. Junior Diamond wears many hats as a sound system owner and operator, producer, promoter, voice over talent and most importantly, a community advocate. He currently hosts and produces the Diamondcutt Xperience, which is in alliance with the Reggae Block. His show can be heard every Saturday from 6 PM – 8 PM. The ultimate goal of the Xperience is to bring the dancehall reggae culture from the four corners of the Earth, to the Connecticut masses, through music.


Peter DanielczukPeter Danielczuk

2014 marks Peter J. Danielczuk’s 43rd anniversary of being involved in polka music. Very rarely is there a DJ/IJ who becomes involved in all aspects of polka music the way he has. He started his polka career in 1971 at WADS 690AM in Ansonia, CT as the engineer for the Victor and Sophie Zembruski “Polish Eagle Polka Show” while he was still attending the University of Connecticut. When Sophie had to have an operation, he took over the show on his own for a few months. After his work with the Zembruski’s, Peter worked full time on radio for a few years always playing at least one or two polkas every morning on his radio show. He later teamed up with Dick Yash for a few years on a show entitled “Polka Carousel.” The two would become one of the best Polka radio duos in the country. He and Dick would do live remote broadcasts from the New England Polka Fest every year, which was held at Warsaw Park in Ansonia, CT.

Peter started his “Polka Celebration” radio show in the late 1970′s first on WADS 690AM in Ansonia, and then was on WWCO 1340AM in Waterbury, CT, as well as WDJZ 1530AM in Bridgeport, CT., and WNTY from Southington, CT. In 1992, his Polka Celebration show moved to WICC 600 AM for ten years, was heard throughout the Northeast, and was given the title of “Connecticut’s Prince of Polkas” by the New Haven Register, CT Post, Waterbury Republican, Hartford Courant, and New York Times newspapers. In 2003, his radio show returned to WDJZ where he remained until 2009. In 2007, he started his first FM show at WNHU 88.7FM (on the Internet at from the University of New Haven in West Haven: Connecticut’s #1 College Radio Station. His show is still heard there today on Saturday mornings (pre-recorded) from 10:00am until 12Noon ET. The Polka Celebration show is heard on as well.

Peter was one of the original founders of the Polka Jammer Network back in 2003, and helped Polkaman Jack start up “Polka Legacy”, an oldies network which operated from January 2010 until August 2011.

Radio isn’t the only thing Peter has been involved in. In 1992, he started his Polka Celebration TV Show on his local cable network which has consistently been rated the #1 watched TV show on that network. For years, Peter went to many dances throughout the country and filmed many hours of Polka fun for his TV audience.

Peter’s other accomplishments include a regularly written article entitled “Polka Celebration” for the monthly newspaper of the Polish Falcons of America “Sokol Polski,” songs he’s written entitled “Hooray For The New York Yankees” and “MaryAnn The Polka Angel,” CD liner note writer for well-known bands, hosting Polka Celebration cruises, promoting polka dances, Master of Ceremonies for festivals and awards programs in polka music as well as television, and currently serves as the Sergeant at Arms for the International Polka Association. In 2007, he was awarded the Joe Jozwiak Award from the International Polka Association, as well as being inducted into the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame located in Ohio. Shortly afterward, he would be proclaimed the “Dean of Connecticut’s Polka Broadcasters”.

In 2011, Peter was awarded the “Frankie” Yankovic Award by the PAC. The Frankie Award is a national service award, given to those individuals whose efforts have been instrumental in sustaining the polka genre.

Peter did a one hour show on the Polka Jammer Network from January 2003 until May 2007. After a few years absence, he returned to the Jammer in September of 2013. On February 5th, 2014, he expanded to a 2 hour LIVE show on Wednesday afternoons from 4:00pm – 6:00pm ET.

His Polka Celebration show is also heard every 4th Sunday of the month on WERG 90.5 FM in Erie, PA.

Peter has recorded with the Rich Bobinski Orchestra and Dennis Polisky & the Maestro’s Men. He occasionally performs with them as a guest vocalist.

One of Peter’s proudest achievements was to establish the “Ballroom Polka” by his mentor: the late Ray Henry, as the official state polka in CT. After seven years of persistence, Peter through his individual effort and tireless lobbying succeeded into getting the Connecticut State Legislature to name the Ballroom Polka by Polka Hall of Famer and former President of the USPA: Ray Henry as the official State Polka in 2013. Governor Malloy signed the bill.

Another proud moment of his life was in the late 1990′s when Peter had the opportunity to travel to Rome to meet and shake the hand of His Holiness (and future Saint):  Pope John Paul the Great.

Peter has made Polka a major part of his life and continues to promote and entertain his listeners. Peter walks and talks Polka music!

PETER J’s POLKA CELEBRATION plays the newest polka music, as well as classic polka oldies of the past. The show originates from “The Copper City of Ansonia, CT along the Naugatuck River.”