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Adrian SmithAdrian Smith

“One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain.”  (Bob Marley) 

Hailing from the “Elm City” and a lover of reggae music from an early age, DJ Grip has been pain free for many years.  As a youth listening to the radio (which played predominantly rock at the time), I remember hearing the occasional reggae song and was instantly hooked.

Wanting more reggae music, I decided to tape them into a mix.  The first tape had tunes like Rita Marley’s “One Draw,” a lot of Bob Marley & the Wailers such as “One Love,” “Trenchtown Rock” and Peter Tosh’s “Getup Stand Up” and “Equal Rights,” as well as many others.   As a teenager, I discovered college radio and WNHU which did reggae on Wednesday & Thursday nights and became a regular listener.  In 1999, I had the opportunity to do a radio show on WNHU and “Culture Vibez” was born.  Heavily influenced by the foundation artists of the 1970’s such as Marley, Tosh, Burning Spear, Israel Vibration, Gregory Isaacs and their positive message of peace, love and Inity, I decided to do “Jah Work” and keep the message alive by showcasing many of the newer artists carrying on the tradition, such as Morgan Heritage, Sizzla,and Luciano to name a few.   

These days “Selectah Grip” is showcasing the newest roots and culture reggae from all over the world including Jamaica, US, Europe,and the Virgin Islands as well as paying homage to reggae’s founding fathers with a monthly oldies show.  So tune in, lift up your conscious and hold a “Vibez”

One Love,


Damon LucibelloDamon Lucibello

My name is Damon Lucibello. I am the DJ responsible for the creation of a very diverse college radio program called The Show With No Name. The Show With No Name airs weekly on Friday evenings from 10 PM to 12 AM EST. on 88.7 WNHU and The Show With No Name began broadcasting on January 28, 2004. I was playing music on the heavier side of the spectrum (i.e. metal, hardcore, death metal, grindcore, and punk) on WNHU for eleven and a half years prior to the program's first broadcast. The redundancy of many of the newer bands grouped into these louder musical genres inspired me to change my show's format. The Show With No Name features artists that specialize in the areas of ambient, electronic, new age, world, avant-garde, jazz, experimental and instrumental music. The show's purpose is to focus on those genres of music that: 1. are not presently featured on the airwaves of WNHU and/or 2. are not receiving enough attention from other radio

 stations. Since I do not have to follow a strict format, I can play whatever I like. Therefore, do not be surprised to hear heavy or loud music thrown into the mix from time to time. One cannot forget one's roots... Since the program features a wide range of musical styles, it originally had no name or title. I believed that giving the program a name would have been too restrictive. Since I was put on the spot and forced to give the program a name, I decided that The Show With No Name would be the perfect no-frills label. Who needs a name for a radio program anyways? Just let the music speak for itself...

Dick GrahamDick Graham

Dick Graham started at the University of New Haven as a volunteer reader for CRIS in 1995. After retiring from the city of West Haven in 2008 with almost 32 years of service, Chris Cerrami liked his voice at WNHU 88.7 and invited him to do sports and news updates at 88.7FM. Since 2009, he’s done the whole range of broadcasting here at UNH as a volunteer: sports and news updates, Sports Monday from 6-7 am , and now he’s primetime on Friday Night sports along with the "Spin Doctor" John Spinnatto.

Greg SchmittGreg Schmitt

Welcome to Noize In The Attic! Playing deep classic hard rock & heavy metal cuts while premiering the newest from the genre you love! We're also interviewing your favorite artists as well as promoting their local gigs with giveaways and surprises! Tune in to your one-stop shop for all the music you know and love. Noize In The Attic - Where your past comes back to haunt you.


Ken MichaelsKen Michaels

Ken Michaels has had a history of more than 30 years in radio, and is best known for hosting and producing weekly shows on the Beatles.  Beginning at his college radio station WNYT in 1982-83 (New York Institute of Technology, Old Westbury, NY) Ken started broadcasting the most unique Beatles program, “The All-Request Beatles Show,”  mixing their group and solo-recordings with side projects, cover versions, tribute songs, music from family members, rarities and more.  Anything that’s been released in the Beatles’ entire history could be heard every week. The show also offered the latest in Beatles news, the most interesting thematic sets, plus over 20 different types of Beatles games and trivia with prizes awarded with them.  Ken took his Beatles show to Album-Rock station WDHA-FM 1983-93 (Dover, NJ) where it was a fixture in Sunday morning programming for 10 solid years.  He later brought the show to Oldies station WBZO 1995-96 (Bay Shore, NY) and, upon changing the show title to “Every Little Thing” was heard nationwide on two stations on XM Radio 2003-2009.  Ken continued “Every Little Thing” on their Fine Tuning channel, and produced weekly short features, “Beatles News” and “Beatles Breaks” for their 60’s Channel, until the merger happened with Sirius.  A big thrill for Ken was hosting a special for the remastered Paul McCartney & Wings album “Band On The Run” album in 2010 which aired on over 260 radio stations, and that lead to “Every Little Thing” being syndicated as a one-hour special on nearly 20 stations in the U.S.    WNHU is the only station that airs “Every Little Thing” as a live broadcast, Wednesdays 8-10pm (est,) and also features the complete Beatles catalog, with trivia, prizes, news, interviews, and thematic sets.  Ken also co-hosts the weekly Beatles news-themed podcast, “Things We Said Today” with Beatles Examiner’s Steve Marinucci, which can be downloaded on and iTunes.   Other than his work in front of a microphone, Ken served as a producer at the ABC Radio Networks, for such syndicated shows as “Flashback,” “Screen Test” and “Special Of The Week.” 

Malcolm TentMalcolm Tent

"Full time record seller since 1986 and gung ho DJ since 2005, Malcolm Tent is intent on bringing you the best music in the known universe, all filtered through his brain for your ears. He accepts no musical substitutes so you won't have to take any wooden nickels over the airwaves. Genres: all and none. What will you hear? Tune in and find out!"


Pat and Joan KennedyPat and Joan Kennedy

Pat and Joan Kennedy have presented Echoes of Erin on WNHU 88.7FM for the past 23 years. This show has been on air at WNHU for almost 35 years. The original host was Johnny Moran from Oxford, CT. and upon his retirement the Kennedy's took to the airways. The show consists of a half hour of strictly traditional Irish music and one and a half hours of traditional and contemporary Irish entertainment.  Over the years the program included Irish language lessons, Irish cooking recipes, Irish history, Trivia contests, The Poets Corner,etc. etc. and for the past 22 years  have presented a "Day of Irish Music" from 8am to 6pm on St. Patrick's Day, March 17th.   The Kennedy's have been involved in all aspects of musical entertainment including music festivals, concerts, Folk dancing etc. Joan was president of the Connecticut and Western Mass. Traditional Musicians Association and Pat played drums with a Hartford based band for many years.  Both have been involved with several genres of music at the station.


Paul GosselinPaul Gosselin

Hello WNHU Listeners!

  I'm Paul Gosselin from the show " Music has no prejudice ", I have been a volunteer at WNHU going on 21 years and have loved every minute of it. My show now basically deals with great musicians of note; pardon the pun; and great songs past present and future.






Elder Ernest E Richard Jr.

A native of New Haven, CT, Ernest  E. Richard Jr. developed a passion for radio while attending the University of New Haven. In 1985, Ernest began taking courses to obtain his commercial FCC license for radio and hosted his first program in September of 1986 and immediately showed a natural gift as an on-air talent, garnishing the Radio Rookie Announcer of the Year Award.  Over the years that followed, Ernest continued to gain recognition for his on-air efforts, including 1992’s Connecticut’s Most Outstanding On Air Personality – Gospel Music and 1995’s Announcer of the Year – Connecticut Gospel Music Awards. Ernest became Program Director for WNHU’s Gospel Department in 1997, with responsibility for all aspects of both the on-air and community outreach activities. As gospel music continued to see growth around the world, Ernest’s work both on and off the air, brought credibility and recognition to WNHU’s Gospel Department, Accolades that included multiple nominations from The Stellar Awards Show(one of Gospel music's most prestigious award shows), The Holla Back Gospel music Awards show, multiple  appearances in some of Gospel music's top magazines(with a first ever appearance in the Nation's top Gospel publication(Gospel U S A) as the Department's P.D.   In 2010, he received the 2010 Radio Pioneer Award. 

  Ernest,( also known as “Preacher 719”) has served as Co-Host of the Holla Back Gospel Awards show, multiple concerts and the Nationally  recognized New England  based Gospel Conference known as The Urban Impact Summit. He has also served as a Judge for various talent shows and is also a Motivational Speaker. He currently serves as an Ordained Elder at TC Walking In The Word Prophetic Ministries, Bridgeport, CT.And still (with the help of his well equipped staff of 9) demands the absolute best from his department.THIS IS "PREACHER 7:19" a/k/a Elder Ernest E. Richard Jr.

Scott WhippleScott Whipple

Ask me to characterize my jazz show, “Mainstream in the Morning, “and I refer you to British poet and jazz reviewer, the late Philip Larkin. True, Larkin found it difficult to listen to any kind of jazz after 1940; still, he did speak eloquently in words I would use if asked to describe my program.

In “All What Jazz” Larkin wrote “ whose first coronary is coming like Christmas; who drift, loaded helplessly with commitments and obligations and necessary observances, into the darkening avenues of age and incapacity, deserted by everything that once made life sweet. These I have tried to remind of the excitement of jazz and tell where it may still be found.”

It can be found Friday mornings from eight to ten o’clock on 88.7FM. We feature jazz artists from the swing and bebop eras around the time of their birthday or birthday anniversary, play their music and remind listeners why they are still worth listening to. Though we talk about the artist, I insist that the musician or vocalist is the actual gem, and that I am simply the setting.

When I’m not hosting “Mainstream…” I’m writing business and entertainment stories and columns for the New Britain Herald. Though it has been too many years since I strolled the ivy halls of academia, I still rise and stand in respect whenever “The Washington and Lee Swing” is played. Four years at W&L leaves its mark.