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Life as an Intern

April 28, 2014 By Jesse Hurlburt

Image is CC by Jane Rahman










Waking up early in the morning,

Before the sun has had time to awaken.

Trying to finish up today’s assignment,

Typing with one hand,

And sliding your pants on with the other.

Walking out the door with minutes to spare,

Dressed to the T,

And ready to mold the minds of the future.

Greeting the children as they walk through the door,

Some excited to start their day of learning,

Others wishing they were still in bed.

Finding time in your schedule for your child study,




Trying to fit it all in.

Adding techniques from different teachers to your tool belt,


Classroom Management,


A never-ending process of learning what it means to be a teacher.

Keeping an eye on the clock as the second tick down,

Knowing that your day is far from over.

The last student boards the bus,

As your last ounce of energy wants to leave your body,

You drown it in coffee to keep you awake,

Praying that it will get you through the nights class.

The learning never stops,

As more information finds its way into your brain,

Every nook and cranny full of knowledge.

You watch from your seat as the Sun starts its decent,

Until it’s gone and slumbering behind the hills,

Restoring its energy for tomorrow’s day.

Arise the moon in its brilliance,

Reminding you that your work is not through.

Driving home under her guiding light,

Thinking about tonight’s homework,

And what time you will get to join the sun in sleep.

This is the life of a pre-service teacher,

Early mornings,

And late nights.

Knowing that you will make a difference in a child’s life,

And that there is no greater joy,

Than the smile on their face,

And the legacy you will leave behind.

A year of your life is well worth the sacrifice,

For a lifetime of fulfillment.

This image is CC by Jane Rahman