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Using Google+ to Turbocharge Your Personal Learning Communities and Classrooms

October 21, 2013 By Ian O'Byrne the last two weeks I’ve spent some time sharing materials with educators who are interested in opportunities to use Google+ as a tool for learning, socializing, and communicating with colleagues and students. I’ve talked about my use of Google+ previously as my tool of choice in my personal learning network. In this recent work I wanted to synthesize all of this information for people interested in using Google+ in their classrooms, or as a learning tool.

To that end I wrote a guest post for IRA’s Reading Today blog entitled “A Digital Toolbox: Demystifying Google+.” To review and comment on an earlier version of this blog post, please visit the following Google Doc.

I also developed a series of YouTube clips walking you through the ways in which I use Google+ and helping you set up your own system. The YouTube playlist is embedded below.

To wrap up all of these elements I held our first TechTalk of the year focusing on Google+ and invited in Nancy Atterberry and Cathy Bosco in to work through these materials and share our thinking about the use of Google+. The video for the Hangout-on-Air is embedded below. To view the TitanPad we used for the “rundown” during the show please click here.

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