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The Math Zone

Math is not a spectator sport
An Innovation in Learning Mathematics

The Math Zone provides a student-centered education experience in mathematics that is targeted to each student's unique learning style. The Math Zone is located in the new, state-of-the-art Math Learning Center in North Hall, directly adjacent to Echlin Hall, and is a part of the Department of Mathematics. 

The Math Zone seeks to create an individualized educational experience where students learn with the support of math instructors and tutors. In addition to the guidance provided by dedicated faculty, student mastery will be supplemented by a learning platform that quickly adapts to areas where students demonstrate mastery of topics and moves on to deliver precise instruction and support to subjects where a student is having difficulty.

Our goal is student success

The faculty will provide students with mini-lectures, support through guided practice and assistance with navigating the software. They will monitor student progress and guide them in the mathematics learning process. 

The Math Zone is an innovation in mathematics education, merging e-learning technology with direct teaching methods to enhance student success.

Important Details for Students to Know

To see math zone course descriptions Use the following link:

 Math Zone Course Descriptions

Use the list below to select the area for which you need more information.

If you are taking a math class run through the Math Zone, and have any questions regarding your class, please contact the Math Zone Coordinator.


We are always making revisions to our operations to optimize learning and help foster student success. We welcome your feedback - Please use this form to contact the Department of Mathematics.

  1. Hours of Operation

    Located in North HallĀ 

    Spring 2017 Hours
    9AM - 7:30PM
    9AM - 6PM
    1PM - 5PM
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