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Division of Performing Arts

Division of Performing Arts
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Welcome to the Division of Performing Arts

The division of Performing Arts includes both theater arts and music programs. This department works to promote the natural synergies between Music and Theater with integrated classes, talented and professional faculty members and with clubs and extracurricular groups.

The theater program is designed to introduce students to all parts of theater including acting and performance, arts administration and design and production. Small class sizes allow students to receive individual attention and guidance from instructors. The theater department produces everything from small plays to large musical productions each year inviting the UNH community, the local community, friends, family and theater enthusiasts alike to experience the talent of the university’s theater and music programs. 

Music is the most popular program in the College of Arts and Sciences. The music program has a talented community of practicing musicians, sound recording engineers, and music industry experts engaged in teaching, learning, and performing a variety of musical art forms. We offer programs in areas of music, sound recording and music industry, which challenge students to engage in the entire field of musical studies. If you are a prospective student, we invite you to join as an active member of this exciting community. If you are an alumnus, we invite you to visit the campus, see our new facilities, attend a concert, and interact with faculty and students.

Faculty in the Department of Performing Arts

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