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Teacher Certification Program Information

Nancy Niemi & Education Student

One year of classes. One thousand-plus hours of in-school experience. One great way to prepare for your teaching career.

Welcome to the Teacher Certification Program

As a teacher with a Master of Science in Education degree from the University of New Haven, you will have higher earning potential, advanced leadership skills, and the self confidence to advance our career in education.

Among the most rigorous education programs in the state, the UNH M.S.Ed. program provides students a small, personalized classroom environment studying alongside faculty who possess a wealth of educational experience in elementary and secondary school systems. An extensive internship program complements evening coursework, allowing students flexible scheduling and tuition options.

Teaching requires professionals who possess a thorough knowledge of their discipline, a comprehensive pedagogical foundation, and habits of professional action. Students entering UNH’s Initial Teacher Certification Program are required to have a Bachelor’s Degree with a strong content major or area of concentration. Education Department faculty build upon students' strengths by providing coursework in pedagogy - the science and study of teaching and learning. This coursework, coupled with a year-long supervised, integrated field experience, allows students to investigate the foundational theories of teaching and learning while connecting them to the realities of current schools.

The Intern Option

Student Intern presenting in Education department

The Intern option allows candidates to complete the master's degree program in an intense full-time schedule of one year, which includes a full-time, daily supervised school internship and night-time classes. After earning a master's degree, candidates complete the CT certification program by fulfilling 13 weeks of supervised student teaching.

In choosing this option, candidates PAY NO TUITION. Interns pay ONLY for student fees, books, and student teaching. The tuition cost savings is over $25,000.

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The Capstone Option

Intern Presentation

The Capstone Option allows candidates to complete the program on a part-time basis. Candidates take night-time classes at a slower pace and do not enroll in an internship, but do have short fieldwork experiences. Candidates have up to five years to complete the program using this option.

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  1. Certificate Options

    Elementary (K–6) or Secondary (7–12)

    English/Language Arts
    History/Social Studies
    - Biology
    - Chemistry
    - Earth Science
    - General Science
    - Physics
    World Languages
    - French
    - Spanish

  2. Locations

    Classes meet at three different locations:

    West Haven
    New London