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Graduate Certificates

Applications of Psychology

This 12-credit certificate is designed to assist professionals who wish to acquire specific skills in areas dealing with human services or personnel functions. (Click here to view the Applications of Psychology certificate in the UNH Academic Catalog)



This 15-credit certificate provides a practical, "hands-on" approach to computer applications in molecular biology, and focuses on the major issues concerning representation and analysis of biological sequence and structural information. (Click here to view the Bioinformatics certificate in the UNH Academic Catalog)


Forensic Psychology

This 12-credit certificate program, offered by the Psychology and Criminal Justice Departments, is a concentrated program of study designed for individuals who will be responsible for the management and care of offenders in forensic settings. (Click here to view the Forensic Psychology certificate in the UNH Academic Catalog)


Geographical Information Systems

This 12-credit certificate provides professional training in the technology and application of computerized cartography and spatially referenced databases. (Click here to view the Geographical Information Systems minor in the UNH Academic Catalog)


Nutritional Genomics

The certificate in Nutritional Genomics provides the detailed understanding of the principles of nutritional genomics, such as how individual genetic variation can influence the assimilation and metabolism of nutrition and how nutrition can affect the expression of certain genes known to be involved in chronic diseases. (Click here to view the Nutritional Genomics certificate in the UNH Academic Catalog)

Psychology of Conflict Management

This 12-credit certificate is for professionals who wish to develop skills in communication, negotiation, and mediation. (Click here to view the Psychology of Conflict Management certificate in the UNH Academic Catalog)