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MAIOP Financial Aid

What do Industrial/Organizational Psychology Students do for Financial Assistance?

I/O psychology graduate students receive several forms of financial aid. Students may work on-campus as research, teaching, or administrative assistants. For example, as an administrative assistant, a student might work in the Career Development, Financial Aid, or Graduate Records Office. Students who receive teaching and research assistantships work for professors, usually in the Psychology Department or College of Business.

Students will be selected as potential Experiential Graduate Assistantship program (EGAP) candidates when their application is reviewed for graduate admission to the program for which they have applied. EGAP candidates will be notified that they are being considered for the program and will be invited to participate in the interview process for positions in the spring and summer. More Information regarding the EGAP can be found here.

If you have further questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 203.932.7315 or 1.800.DIALUNH, x7315.