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Ten Reasons to Choose MAIOP

Ten Reasons to Choose MAIOP

  1. Program Flexibility. UNH provides a unique advanced applied psychology education. Students have the opportunity to develop a tailored program to meet individual career goals and professional interests. Core courses account for 24 of the 48 credits needed for degree completion. Over 20 courses in psychology, management, human resources, communication and industrial relations are available as program electives. 

  2. Program Options. Students choose one of three options to meet graduation requirements. The internship/practicum option is for students who desire to enhance their skills as organizational practitioners and gain relevant work experience. Students with research interests who wish to pursue doctoral level study choose the thesis option. Students who have specific career goals may opt for the additional electives option. See Program Options 

  3. Program Concentrations. Students may choose from three program concentrations: industrial/personnel, organizational, and conflict management. Selection of a concentration is not required; however, some students elect a concentration to further focus their professional goals. See Program Concentrations

  4. Accelerated Calendar. UNH operates on a trimester system (mid-September through late June/early July), which allows full-time students to complete the program in less than two years. Part-time students can earn their degree in less than four years. Students can enter the program in September, January, or April.

  5. Financial Aid. Our program makes it possible for students to hold full-time positions, campus assistantships, and internship positions while earning their degree. Many of our full-time students hold graduate assistantships, which pay partial tuition plus an hourly rate for up to 20 hours of work per week. Part-time students can work fulltime while completing degree requirements. Guaranteed Student Loans are available for both part-time and full-time students. The UNH program allows students to complete their degrees, obtain practical experience, work fulltime or part time, and meet financial obligations simultaneously. See MAIOP financial aid 

  6. Faculty. Full-time and adjunct instructors represent all of the sub-specialty areas throughout the spectrum in industrial organizational psychology. Our faculty has years of experience as practicing industrial organizational psychologists in industry and consulting practice. Several full-time and adjunct professors in our program have received awards for teaching excellence. Faculty members take the time to help make UNH a rewarding educational, professional, and social experience for our students. A relaxed and informal atmosphere among faculty and students compliments a dynamic learning environment. See I/O Psychology faculty 

  7. Student Body. Students come to UNH from all regions of the U.S. and many other countries. They develop an identity with the program, the faculty, and the profession. While at UNH many become visible leaders on campus through active involvement in the Graduate Student Council and the student chapter of the Society of Human Resource Management. Graduates of our program enjoy lifelong career and social contacts with their peers. See MAIOP student life

  8. Location. New York City, Boston, Cape Cod and skiing in Vermont are easy trips. The Long Island Sound beaches are less than two miles from campus, and the beautiful New England countryside is only a short drive away. It is common for UNH students to explore and indulge in the region’s many social and cultural offerings.

  9. Professional Development Activities. The UNH program and student Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) chapter work closely together to provide many skill-building and career-enhancing opportunities by means of distinguished speakers, workshops and colloquia. The Human Resource Association of Greater New Haven serves as an excellent resource for professional mentors and internship sponsors. Our student body interacts continually with leading professionals in our field. See UNH-SHRM 

  10. Careers. Graduates of our program obtain challenging and rewarding positions in Fortune 500 companies, consulting firms, and government agencies. Generally, graduates obtain positions within 1-3 months of obtaining their degree. Alumni across the country are valuable contacts for employment. UNH graduates become a leading force for change and excellence in areas such as organizational development and human resources management. Our program helps graduates to realize their professional goals and add value to the organizations that employ them.