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Prospective Students

Whether you are considering the three-year associate’s program or want to add a fourth year to earn your bachelor’s, you are probably wondering exactly how the program will unfold, year after year. Here is a snapshot of what you can expect from freshman year on.

If you still have questions after reading this page, simply contact one of the University’s admissions counselors at 203.932.7319 or make an appointment to meet with the Program Director, Sandy Palumbo, at

Freshman Year

Course Number Course Title Credits
ENGL 1105  Composition  3
MATH 1109/1127    Intermediate Algebra or Finite Mathematics    3
BIOL 1121 Genl & Human Biology I with Lab 4
CHEM 1105 Intro Genl & Organic Chemistry with Lab 4
DHYG 1105 Introduction to Dental Hygiene I 1
ENGL 1110 Composition and Literature 3
CSCI 1107 Computers and their Applications 3
PSYC 1111 Introduction to Psychology 3
DHYG 1110 Introduction to Dental Hygiene II 1
BIOL 2261 Introduction to Biochemisty 3
SOCI 1113 Sociology 3

Sophomore Year

This is the year that you begin clinical work with patients, with clinic sessions starting during the fall semester. You’ll start learning infection control and then move on to learning proper instrumentation, using a typodont, and working with peer patients. In the spring semester, you’ll start working with patients in the community.

Course Number Course Title Credits
DHYG 2220
Dental Hygiene Concepts I with Lab 3
DHYG 2214
Oral Facial Structures
BIOL 2259 Anatomy & Physiology I w/Lab
BIOL 3301
Microbiology with Lab
ENGL 2230/COMM 1100  
Public Speaking/Human Comm
DHYG 2215
Radiology with Lab
DHYG 2240
Dental Hygiene Concepts II with Lab  
BIOL 2260
Anatomy & Physiology II w/Lab
DIET 2215
Principles of Nutrition
DHYG 3327

The Summer Between Sophomore and Junior Years

You’ll have clinical sessions two days a week and a dental materials class and dental materials lab once a week.

Course Number Course Title Credits
DHYG 3330                           Dental Hygiene Concepts III w/ Lab    3
DHYG 3342 Dental Materials w/ Lab 3

Junior Year

You’ll have clinic sessions not only at the UNH Dental Center, but also at outside rotations. Each rotation offers a very different experience. Click here to learn more about our clinical rotation sites.

Once you receive your associate’s degree at the completion of your junior year, you are able to take your licensing exams and apply for licensure. After receiving your license, you are ready for employment as a Registered Dental Hygienist.

Course Number Course Title Credits
DHYG 3320
Pharmacology and Pain Management 3
DHYG 3325
General and Oral Pathology
DHYG 3350
Dental Hygiene Concepts IV with Lab
DHYG 3360
Local Anesthesia with Lab
HIST 1102
The Western World in Modern Times
CC 6 (Select One) Aesthetic Responsiveness 3
DHYG 4455
Dental Hygiene Public Health w/ Lab
DHYG 4460
Adv Dental Hygiene Concepts w/ Lab             

The Summer Between Junior and Senior Years

If you plan to continue your studies and earn your B.S., this summer gives you the chance to study away at one of our partner sites. These two-week intensive trips satisfy two of the classes needed to complete the bachelor’s degree. At the same time, you’ll gain valuable experience treating people of different cultures. Click here to learn more about our study away locations.

Senior Year

All of the bachelor’s degree completion courses are online courses, so you are free to earn your degree as a resident on campus or from any place you choose. You can set your own pace, taking as many or as few courses as you want.

Course Number Course Title Credits
DHYG 4462              Dental Hygiene Internship                    3
DHYG 4464 Issues in Contemporary Oral Healthcare Delivery  3
DHYG 4423 Instructional Planning and Media   3
DHYG 4438 Dental Hygiene Research 3
CC 5.2 (Select One)   Social Interact & Glob Perspective            3
DHYG 4461
Oral Medicine
DHYG 4468
Dental Hygiene Senior Project
Elective Elective 3
Elective Elective 3