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Professor April Yoder instructing studentsUNH history faculty became interested in the field of history because of their innate interest in people and how they live together. For many of us, travel and language sparked this interest. In our studies of Asia, Russia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Europe from the medieval period to the modern age, we seek understanding of human societies.

We pursue this understanding through the study of letters and literature, gender, infrastructure and technology, idea, religion, sports, crime, and nationalism and ethnicity. We bring high standards to our classrooms, where students benefit from our ongoing research and engagement in our fields as well as our dedication to the success of UNH students.


  • Examples of faculty specializations include the history of the United States, Europe, and Asia, and the history of science and technology.
  • The faculty members of the History Department have written numerous publications including books and articles in refereed journals. They have made frequent presentations at national historical conferences.
  • The UNH library is up to date technologically and is generously equipped with a variety of history volumes, reference books, and document collections. The library staff consists of seasoned professionals who understand the needs of history majors.
  • All full-time faculty members hold Ph.D's from renowned universities including Yale, Georgetown and Cornell and are experienced world travelers who have devoted their academic careers to the pursuit of knowledge and research. Their travel and research have put them on the leading edge of their academic discipline. Their experiences cover a wide array of fields and specialized areas.
  • Awards and Recognition

     UNH hosts a chapter of the international honor society Phi Alpha Theta, which honors academic achievement in the field. The University chapter of Phi Alpha Theta also provides students with a social and intellectual experience beyond the classroom, offering films, speakers, roundtable discussions, and other special events. 

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