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Minoring in Modern Languages

The Bistro Français: students recreated a French bistro and cooked delicious food.

Make yourself a stronger competitor in the global market.

Fluency in multiple languages gives you an edge.  It’s a sought-after skill valued by most employers.  Knowing Arabic or another "Critical Need" language, has given UNH students that edge when they’ve entered the job market upon graduation. This is especially true for jobs in the criminal justice field and for many government positions.

The business world, teaching, dietetics, and dental hygiene also need multi-lingual job candidates. There’s a critical need for proficiency in Spanish in these fields.  Knowing French — useful for anyone working in many parts of Africa, the Caribbean, and of course, Europe — is also at the top of the list of desired language skills.

The global economy and digital communications has made international communication essential, with both Russia and China holding significant relationships with US corporations.  So, give yourself a leg-up with a foreign language minor. Get the hands-on experience that enhances your skills.

Declaring a Minor in Modern Languages

  • All forms are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader to view and print.
  • These forms are fillable, therefore, please type on the form.
  • Print it out and submit to:
Paulette L. Pepin, Ph.D.
Maxcy Hall 308
Minor Forms


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