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Why mathematicians can’t quite grasp the soap bubble.

Elusive Soap Bubble

Frank Morgan, award-winning teacher and mathematician at Williams College, took on the elusive soap bubble on March 14 in Dodds Auditorium.   

Why do soap bubbles form a sphere instead of a cube? How can fragile, microscopically thin soap film form a shape at all?  These are among the many questions that amaze and stump mathematicians and which Dr. Morgan explored in his presentation March 14 in Dodds Auditorium. 

Dr. Morgan has written six books, including The Math Chat Book 2000, based on his live, call-in Math Chat TV show and Math Chat column. He’s a prolific blogger, having a personal blog as well as a blog at the Huffington Post that covers a host of far-ranging and undeniably relevant topics.

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