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Club Sports

University of New Haven Ice Hockey

What is Club Sports?

The ChargerREC Club Sports program consists of various University-recognized student organizations that are recreational or athletic in nature, and who have a desire to develop students' skills and interests for specific sports. Each club sport must compete, or have plans to compete, on the intercollegiate level, regionally or nationally, within a recognized national governing body (NGB). Involvement with Club Sports is voluntary, but there are many great benefits to joining or creating a club sport program. Club Sports follow the same mission as ChargerREC: FOR Students, BY Students!

Participants not only enjoy the rewards of athletic competition, but they also gain skills in collaboration, leadership, problem-solving, and financial management. 

University of New Haven Lacrosse Team

Who can join Club Sports?

Students enrolled in the University of New Haven! Just email the club you are interested in for more information. Club information and emails are listed here!

University of New Haven Club Sports


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