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Fit For Duty Program

FFD fall 2015 poster

  1. Program Registration

    Our Spring 2015 Fit For Duty Program has concluded. Thanks to all of our participants! We hope you enjoyed our program!

    Registration for the Fall 2015 Fit For Duty Program will be announced shortly. Stay tuned to this page for updates! You can also check out our Facebook page at ChargerRec Fit For Duty.

    About Fit For Duty

    Fit For Duty is one of our Premium classes. This class is designed to train and prepare students for the physical fitness tests common to most public service jobs. Each class is limited to 30 participants, so that each student receives the proper attention from the instructor. All participants in the Fit For Duty Program are required to register for and complete a Mock Test before attending the first class, as well as a Mock Test at the end of the program. For more information on please contact us.