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Locker Rentals

Full-size lockers are available to rent on a monthly basis. We accept credit card, payroll deduction, and upfront billing.  
UNH Student
Alumni $10/month
Faculty and Staff $10/month


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I have to bring my own lock if I rent a locker?

A:  No, we provide you with a lock and the combination when you purchase a locker rental. 

Q: Do I have to purchase a locker in order to keep my stuff in one?

A:  No, day lockers are available. To keep your items in a locker overnight, you would need to purchase a locker rental.

Locker Cancellation

  • Any rental can be cancelled within seven (7) days from the activation date with a full refund. Beyond the seven day trial period, normal cancellation policy will be followed.
  • Written notification is required to process any cancellation. A verbal conversation will not constitute a cancellation. You may download and print a Cancellation Form.
  • Refunds will not be given for lack of use. 
  • Rentals that are three (3) months past due on payment will be terminated.  The locker will be emptied at the expense of the member, and all charges and balances will be the responsibility of the member. 

If you are looking to cancel your membership, please click here to view our Cancellation Policy.  

Please click here for more information on our policies and procedures.