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Policies & Guidelines


  1. Misconduct or violation due to failure to follow facility policies may result in ejection, suspension, or cancellation of Beckerman Recreation Center membership and/or referral to UNH Campus Police.
  2. A valid UNH ID card is required to be admitted to the Recreation Center. Members will not be admitted without a UNH ID card.
  3. Individuals improperly accessing the facility will have any false identification confiscated and are subject to suspension of Recreation Center privileges.
  4. The Director of Campus Recreation is the only staff member allowed to grant specialized access to visiting faculty/staff or any other member of the campus community family on a case-by-case basis. 
  5. Parents temporarily visiting the campus are allowed to use the facility during posted hours for free.
  6. Solicitation is considered badgering and/or deceitfully persuading a member to gain access into the Recreation Center. Solicitation is strictly prohibited. Potential guests may not enter facility to locate a sponsor. Members may NOT sign in any patron soliciting access at or near the facility entrance. 
  7. Alcohol, non-prescription drugs and tobacco products are not permitted.
  8. Please consult a physician prior to engaging in physical activity.  ChargerREC is not responsible for accidents or injuries that occur due to the nature of the activity.
  9. Injuries, accidents or equipment failures must be immediately reported to ChargerREC staff.
  10. ChargerREC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  11. Gum chewing is not allowed in the facility.

 Guest and Self Sponsored Passes

**All guests must show photo ID**
  1. Sponsor assumes responsibility for the actions of their guest(s).
  2. The guest pass charge is per day, non- transferable, non-refundable, and cannot serve as credit for membership.
  3. Visitors and guests must show a valid photo ID. Guests under the age of 16 are exempt from this policy.
  4. Guests will not be allowed access to or use of the facility without being accompanied by a valid sponsor. Guests must exit the facility when the sponsor leaves.
  5. One member may not bring more than three (3) guests at a time. 
  6. Any UNH employee (Faculty/Staff) may self-sponsor themselves as a guest by presenting their UNH employee ID.    
  7. University departments wishing to sponsor a guest must contact the Director.

Locker Room & Rentals

  1. Food and drink is prohibited in locker rooms (only water in closed containers is permitted).
  2. Lockers are available to rent on a monthly basis. 
  3. All lockers must be renewed by the end of each membership term or they will be cleaned out and re-issued.  Items cleared from expired lockers will be kept for two weeks and then given to charity. 
  4. Designated day-use lockers may not be used to store items overnight.  Locks left on overnight are subject to being cut off by Recreation Center staff. 
  5. Personal locks may only be used on day-use lockers.
  6. The Recreation Center is not responsible for items left in lockers.
  7. Any rental can be cancelled within seven (7) days from the activation date with a full refund. Beyond the seven day trial period, normal cancellation policy will be followed.
  8. Written notification is required to process any cancellation. A verbal conversation will not constitute a cancellation. You may download and print a Cancellation Form.
  9. Refunds will not be given for lack of use. 
  10. Rentals that are three (3) months past due on payment will be terminated.  The locker will be emptied at the expense of the member, and all charges and balances will be the responsibility of the member. 

Equipment Check-Out

  1. Members may check-out equipment on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. A UNH ID card MUST be presented to check out equipment.
  3. If equipment is not returned, lost, stolen, or damaged, the member will be charged for the replacement of the equipment.
  4. The damaged or lost equipment fee is at the value of the equipment and will be assessed for any equipment damaged or lost.
  5. Patrons may either immediately pay for the damaged or lost piece(s) of equipment or return within three days to pay the bill.  
  6.  If payment is not received within three business days, access privileges will be suspended until payment is received.
  7. There is a service charge assessed for equipment that is not returned on the same day it was checked out.

Activity Areas

  1. Campus Recreation programs have priority of usage over informal recreation use.
  2. The Beckerman Recreation Center is a non-smoking building.
  3. Only water may be brought onto the courts. Food or other drink must remain in the lobby or entryway area.   
  4. Only non-marking athletic shoes are allowed on any hardwood floor. No hard sole shoes are permitted.
  5. Personal belongings are not permitted in activity areas and must be kept in a locker.
  6. If not specified otherwise, hardwood courts are prioritized for informal recreation in sports of basketball, volleyball, and badminton.
  7. Requests for volleyball and badminton equipment set-up will be accommodated when possible.  Do not remove any equipment set-up on courts. Ask the ChargerREC Staff to set up or remove equipment.
  8. Shirts must be worn at all times. 

Racquetball Court Reservations

  1. Reservations can be made in person during facility hours or by phone.  A name and contact number will be required.
  2. Reservations are accepted no more than one day in advance; although reservations for the weekend and the following Monday will be taken on Fridays.
  3. Unreserved courts may be used on a first-come, first-served basis.
  4. There is a 15-minute grace period for reserved courts. After this 15-minute grace period, the reservation is lost and the court is open to other patrons.
  5. Metal racquets must have racquet guards.
  6. Protective eye wear is available to rent and is strongly recommended.
  7. Shirts and closed-toe, non-marking athletic shoes are required.
  8. One court may be reserved per person per day.
  9. Reservations are limited to one hour per person.

Weight & Fitness Areas

  1. Members are required to wipe down equipment after/before use. Gym wipes are available throughout the facility. 
  2. Members are asked to keep their use of cardio equipment to a maximum of 30 minutes and allow other members to rotate in with weight equipment during peak hours. 
  3. Members should be aware and stand clear of moving equipment
  4. members must return equipment to its proper place after use.Weights are not permitted to be used with in one foot of windows or mirrors. 
  5. The use of chalk is not permitted.
  6. Food, gum, and drinks with the exception of water are not permitted. 
  7. Personal belongings must be kept in a locker or cubby. ChargerRec is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  8. Spotters are strongly recommended on all lifts. If a spotter is needed, members may ask a ChargerRec employee.
  9. Dropping weights is prohibited. Please refrain from propping or leaning weights against walls, mirrors, or glass.
  10. Please use all equipment as directed. All equipment must remain in it's original area. 
  11. Appropriate non marking, closed toe/heel footwear is required. Dress shoes, boots, cleats and bare feet are prohibited. 
  12. Appropriate athletic attire must be worn at all times. Revealing or inappropriate clothing and jeans are not permitted. 
  13. Upper body apparel must fully cover the torso. Cutoff shirts that expose the skin below the armpit are not permitted. 
  14. Outside personal training is not permitted in the Beckerman Recreation center.

Group Fitness Studios/Classes

  1. Participants are highly encouraged to arrive to class on time. Participants later than ten minutes will be denied entry to class, due to the importance of a sufficient warm-up period. 
  2. It is highly recommended that participants stay for the entire Group Fitness class to ensure participation in the proper cool-down phase of class.
  3. Soft-soled, closed-toe athletic shoes are required for all cardiovascular and resistance-training classes. Hard-soled, closed-toe athletic shoes or cycling shoes are recommended for all spinning classes. Shoe removal may be appropriate in Yoga and flexibility training classes, at the instructor's discretion.
  4. Towels are required for all classes.
  5. All equipment must remain in the studios and must be returned to its proper location after use. Equipment from other areas may not be brought into the studios. All equipment should be used in the manner for which it is designed. 
  6. To enter a class, participants must wait outside the studio until the instructor allows everyone inside. Participants may not save spaces in line for friends. 
  7. New Spinning Participants are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes early to learn proper bike set-up. 


Specially designated parking is not provided for any members of the Beckerman Recreation Center. Parking is by permit as determined by Campus Police. 

Lost & Found Items:

  1. Any item turned in will be recorded in the lost and found log at the Welcome Desk. 
  2. The claimant must make a positive identification.
  3.  Lost items that have been held for two weeks will be donated to charity.
  4. The owner of a stolen item should report the theft to the Facility supervisor, who will immediately complete an incident report and contact Campus Safety. 

Membership Cancellation Policy

  1. Any membership can be cancelled within seven (7) days from the activation date with a full refund.  Beyond the 7-day trial period, normal cancellation policies will be followed.
  2. Memberships will not be refunded due to lack of use. 
  3. Written notification is required to process any cancellation. Verbal conversation does not constitute a cancellation. 
  4. Memberships that are three (3) months overdue will be terminated.  All charges and balances will be the responsibility of the member.
  5. A confirmation email will be sent to the provided email address within five (5) business days notifying the member of their cancellation date.  Any charges posted on the account during the cancellation process will be the responsibility of the member. 
  6. Faculty/Staff payroll deductions will terminate on the next unprocessed payroll date.
  7. Upon membership cancellation request, members will have access to the Beckerman Recreation Center until the end of the current billing cycle. Membership dues will not be prorated.
  8. Upfront memberships must be paid in full and will immediately terminate at the end of the allotted time.
  9. Continual memberships require a twelve (12) month commitment.  After the 12 month commitment, membership will remain active and normal cancellation policies will be followed.   
  10. Faculty and staff ending their affiliation with the University of New Haven must cancel their membership; otherwise they will be responsible for any charges posted on the account. 
  11. Members are responsible for any current balances at time of cancellation.
  12. Any exceptions to the cancellation policy must be authorized by the Assistant Director of Operations. 
For more information on our Cancellation Policy Click Here

Patron Disciplinary Policy 

When a patron of the Recreation Center has violated a Campus Recreation or University policy, he/she is subject to disciplinary action.  Examples of offenses include, but are not limited to: false use of identification, destruction of property, theft of property, trespassing, aiding or abetting, or verbal or physical harm inflicted upon an employee or patron.  Patrons are responsible for their children's and/or guests’ conduct and any damage to or loss of property that may result from their guests’ actions.  Disciplinary action may result in the loss of guest or membership privileges. The procedure for reporting a violation is as follows:

  1. Contact the nearest ChargerREC staff member.
  2. The building supervisor will use discretion when approaching the party involved.
  3. If necessary, Campus Police will be called.
  4. The incident will be documented by filling out an incident report.
  5. The party involved may be escorted out of the building.
  6. A professional staff member will follow up by contacting individuals involved and will render a decision based on all available information.
  7. If the incident involves a student, the Dean of Students will be contacted and educational sanctions will be administered.
  8. All documents will be filed and used in case of future infractions.