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RECSports (Intramurals)

University of New Haven: Recsports

RECSports is an extensive intramural sport program which provides participants the opportunity to compete and socialize through organized sports leagues, one-day tournaments, special events, and online programs.  Over 50 team and individual sport programs are offered throughout the academic year. Access to all RECSports programs is included in each facility membership.

  1. Registration

    RECSports utilizes for program registration, team management, and free agents. 

    CLICK HERE to access

    Registering a Team

    When registering a team, there are several things that you need to take into consideration, including the level of play, the division, who is the team manager, and, most importantly, the team name. 

    Free Agents

    Don’t have a team? Don’t worry! Sign-up to be a FREE AGENT! Individuals without a team are encouraged to register as a free agent. This does not guarantee an individual a place on a team; however, it is an opportunity for Team Managers who need extra players to contact interested individuals!

    If Team Managers would like a list of Free Agents, they may access the Free Agents page on IMLeagues.

    To register as a Free Agent, visit IMLeagues.

  2. Schedule

    Schedule of Activities 

    CLICK HERE for a full list of all RECSports programs, events, and activities. 

    One-Time-Only Programs

    RECSports offers one-time-only programs in the form of tournaments and special events. These events will rotate between Friday Night Lights (FNL) and Gym Class Throwback (GCT). The programs will be offered across all four RECSports Seasons

    Season Sports

    RECSports offers 4 seasons of intramural activities, which run throughout the entire undergraduate schedule. Each season is about four weeks long, with two weeks of playoffs. At the conclusion of the playoffs, a champion is crowned, and the coveted RECSports championship t-shirts are awarded to the winning teams. 

  3. Accountabilty Fee

    There is no registration fee to participate in RECSports. However, to help reduce the number of forfeited games, teams will be assessed an accountability of $15 per forfeit. After the second forfeit, the team will be removed from the league.

  4. Rules

    Rules of each sport can be found on 

    CLICK HERE to access