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RECSports (Intramurals)

University of New Haven: Recsports

RECSports is an integral part of campus life, giving students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to come together for competition and camaraderie through various sports. ChargerREC invites you to get involved and be part of the action.

RECSports is FREE for students and members of the Beckerman Recreation Center.

ChargerREC offers a variety of individual and team sports/activities in three different divisions: Men’s, Women’s and CoRec. All of our programs are intended to serve the varied interests of the UNH community, so get involved and play!

RECSports offers 2 seasons of activities per academic semester. Each season is about 4 weeks long ending with 1 week of playoffs. At the conclusion of the playoffs, a champion is crowned and the coveted RECSports Champion Shirts are presented to the winners.

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  1. Jeff Ryder

    Senior Assistant Director 
    Recreational & Competitive Sports

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