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16" Softball Rules

 Section I. Overview

  • RECSports will provide umpires for all games that will determine balls/strikes, safe/out, and arc/height of pitches
  • On an on-staff RECSports supervisor will keep track of all aspects of the game (scorecard, batting order, substitutions)
  • All games will be played without a glove and a 16” Softball provided by the RECSports officials
  • Shoes are required. Gym or running shoes are recommended. Rubber training shoes and single molded plastic/rubber soccer-type cleats are permitted. Metal cleats or spikes and screw in cleats of any of any type are illegal.
  • The field will have the same dimensions as the intramural softball league

 Section 2. Rules/Gameplay

  • Rocks, paper, scissors between the two captains will determine which team will bat first
  • The game shall be played between two teams of 10 players. A team needs a minimum of 8 players to start a game
  • Only players that play in the field are eligible to bat. The team captain is responsible for providing the on-site RECSports staff member with their batting order. The RECSports staff is responsible for keeping track of the scorecard, and the final outcome of the game
  • Substitutions must be made before the start of the new inning, and a player will take the spot in the batting order of the player that they are subbing for
  • Players are granted one base on overthrows
  • The infield rule applies. The rule is as follows: (does not include a line drive) a fair fly “infield” ball that can be caught with relative normal ease with runners on 1st and 2nd or 1st, 2nd, and 3rd with lss than two outs will result in the batter declared out and the runners advancing at their own risk


  • Each batter will start with a 1-1 count, a foul ball that occurs on any batter who has two strikes against them will result in the batter being out
  • Bunting is not allowed
  • Once the batting order is created at the start of the game, it may not be altered after the first pitch is thrown. Subs will assume the batting position of the player that they sub in for
  • If the ball is hit and hits the foul line it is a fair ball
  • If the ball is hit and it rolls over the base it is a fair ball

 Base Running:

  • Lead-offs are illegal
  • Stealing bases is illegal
  • The runner cannot leave the base until the ball has been contacted by the bat
  • Fielders have the right to make a play in the “baseline.” Runners should not attempt to break up a play. If these occurs the runner will be called out. Vice versa a fielder may not interfere with the runner as they are running the bases if they are not making an attempt to make a play on the ball. If this occurs the runner will be awarded the base.


  • The pitch must have a minimum arc of 6 ft. from the ground. The maximum allowable arc is 12 ft. from the ground. If the pitch does not meet these requirements, an illegal pitch shall be called. The batter has the option of taking the pitch for an automatic ball or swinging at the pitch. If the pitch is swung at, the illegal pitch is ignored.
  • When pitching one foot must be in contact with the pitching rubber at all times, if a step is taken it may be forward, backward, or to the side provided the foot stays in contact with the
  • All pitches must be thrown underhand

 Section 3.The Game

  • The game will consist of 6 innings if time permits. No full inning will start after the 40 minute mark. These numbers are subject to change depending on the enrollment of teams that night.
  • The choice of first and last bat will be determined by the captains of both team in the beginning of the game
  • In the event of a tie extra innings will be played
  • A home run on Kayo Field will be rewarded if the ball travels over the fence completely in fair territory without a bounce