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Participants knowledge of the activities is key to the success of the RECSports Program. At managers meetings, teams/participants will be given an overview of the rules and policies/procedures for that particular sport.  Below is a breakdown of the sports that we are offering by season. Please take the time to navigate the links on the left to better prepare yourself for competition by understanding all of the rules. As a participant, you are responsible for understanding and abiding by all of the sport-specific RECSports rules. This is a library of rules that all participants can use as a tool to make sure that RECSports is a fun and fair atmosphere for all UNH participants.


RECSports 2016-17
Activity Season 
Outdoor Soccer 1
6v6 Volleyball 1
Floor Hockey 1
3v3 Basketball 1
Racquetball Doubles 1
Flag Football
Team Handball 
5v5 Basketball (Co-rec) 
Box Lacrosse 
Badminton Singles 
5v5 Basketball (M & W) 
Indoor Soccer 
Roller Hockey 
Badminton Doubles 
Arena Football 
3v3 Basketball 
4v4 Volleyball 
Racquetball Singles 


**NOTE: All participants should review the RECSports Handbook as well as the sport-specific rules to ensure proper participation and a healthy, safe environment.