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Facility and Equipment Requests

Facility Reservations and Rental Requests

Due to the limited event space on campus and the need to preserve the primary mission of the Beckerman Recreation Center, as a student recreation center, all event reservation requests will be reviewed and decisions for approval will be made on a case-by-case basis. Factors for approval may include size and scope of the event; event audience and participants; length of the event; impact to programming and informal recreation (especially peak usage times); logistical needs including load-in/load-out times, setup/break-down times, and required equipment; other events on campus; relevance to the mission of both University of New Haven and the Beckerman Recreation Center; other available spaces on campus which may serve as an alternative location; and any other factors deemed significant by the Director of Campus Recreation and the Director of Athletics & Recreation.


Equipment is also available for check-out and reservations. 

  1. Facility Reservations

    Category 1 Events  - University Groups, Student Groups and University Events

    Groups which qualify as Category 1 must submit all reservation requests via EMS. Members of the campus CLICK HERE to access the InsideUNH portal.

    • ChargerREC programming has priority for space within the Beckerman Recreation Center. Reservation requests will not be confirmed until university wide events and ChargerREC programming has been finalized.
    • Registered Student Organizations can begin requesting spaces for the Fall Semester in mid-August and for the Spring Semester in mid-January.
    • Requests are not officially approved until the status EMS is listed as confirmed. 
    • Registered Student Organizations may only request facility space for special events and/or group practices. 
    • Typically, decisions for approval/denial will be made within 5-10 business days; however, other factors as well as the need for more information about the event may impact that timeline
    • All policies and procedures of ChargerREC and the Beckerman Center must be followed.  Failure to do so will result in loss of current and future reservations.  
  2. Facility Rentals

    Category 2 Events - University-Associated Entity or Sponsored Groups, Federal, Connecticut State or West Haven/New Haven Agencies, and University Co-Sponsored Events

    Category 3 Events - Non-University Groups and Non-University/ External Events

    CLICK HERE for a complete listing of rental fees. 

  3. Racquetball

    Please call our Welcome Desk for racquetball reservations at 203-931-2965.

    Reservations may be made in person or over the phone one day in advance. Reservations are for one hour. After a fifteen-minute grace period, the reservation is lost and anyone may use the court.

  4. Equipment

    Daily Equipment for Check-Out (with a valid University of New Haven ID)
    All daily equipment must stay in the facility and be returned by the same person that checked-out the equipment.   


    • Men's and Women's Basketballs
    • Indoor Soccer Balls
    • Volleyballs
    • Walleyballs
    • Team Handballs
    • Racquetball
    • Goggles
    • Badminton Birdies
    • Floor Hockey Equipment
    • Towels
    • TRX Straps
    • Weight Lifting Belts
    • Resistance Bands
    • Battle Ropes


    Equipment Reservations for Events  (Requires equipment agreement)
    Event Equipment Requests are available to groups and organizations that have a CONFIRMED event reservation on campus.  All requests must be submitted by completing an Equipment  Reservation Form available at our front desk. All Event Equipment must remain on the University of New Haven campus and be returned to ChargerREC.   

    • Bases
    • Cones
    • Pinnies
    • Dodgeballs
    • Yard Markers
    • Penalty Flags
    • Flag Belts
    • Bats
    • Balls
    • Kickballs
    • Stop watches
    • Fiddle Stx Sticks
    • Wiffle Ball Bat
    • Wiffle Ball
    • Team Challenge Equipment