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Charging Forward

The final report and recommendations of the Charging Forward task forces, along with the draft plans for implementing the recommendations, were posted on insideUNH on September 9, 2014. Access to the documents requires a faculty/staff username and password.

To view the task force report/recommendations and draft implementation plans, login to insideUNH and click on the employee tab. The Charging Forward information is located in the middle column.


Dear Members of the University of New Haven Community,

Welcome to the Charging Forward website.

This site will provide updates on this critically important initiative to assess all of the University’s academic and administrative programs with a goal of strategically reallocating resources.

As I mentioned in my initial campus announcement, Charging Forward is not a cost-cutting exercise. Rather, over a multi-year period, we intend to shift resources away from programs that are no longer adequately contributing to our success so that we can make additional investments in programs that are performing exceptionally well. Although we embark on this initiative from a position of financial strength, we are mindful of difficult economic conditions and market realities that threaten today’s institutions of higher education.

This effort will be carried out by a broadly representative and diverse group of stakeholders from across the University. Our two task forces—one to review academic programs and the other to review administrative programs—will, with the input of various constituencies across campus, undertake a comprehensive review over several months and make recommendations to the University administration. Those recommendations will be implemented during the next few years. As a result, the University will be financially stronger, more strategic in its resource allocation decisions, and more capable of delivering high-quality programs and services to our students.

I want to thank everyone for your efforts and cooperation as Charging Forward unfolds over the coming months. Please refer back to this site for continual updates on our progress.

With best wishes,

Steven H. Kaplan