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Nadim, Abbas (full)
Business Management
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    Ph.D. Social Systems Science: Wharton School-University of Pennsylvania, 1985


    M.B.A. Accounting and Finance: University of California at Berkeley, 1970


    B.S. Management and Accounting: Abadan Institute of Technology, 1966


    Professional Activities

    . Past President: Small Business Institute (Directors Association). National SBI   Organization. 


    . Member of the Town of Fairfield Economic Development Commission


    . Past Member of the Board of Directors- West Haven Economic Development Corporation


    . Past Member of the Advisory Board: Connecticut Quality Improvement Award Partnership


    . Proceedings Editor, First combined SBIDA and USASBE annual conference


    . Reviewer, USASBE Annual Conference


    . Reviewer and Track Chair: SBIDA annual conferences


    . Member of Editorial Board- Journal of Small Business Strategy


    . Member of Editorial Board: International Journal of Entrepreneurship


    .Member of Editorial Board: Small Business Institute Journal


    . Member of the Scholarship Committee, Milford Chamber of Commerce


    . Past Director, Small Business Institute, University of New Haven


    . Associate of INTERACT-Institute of Interactive Management-Philadelphia, PA


    . Conducted Two Strategic Planning projects for the Town of Milford Chamber of Commerce. 2005 and 2007.


    . Conducted Executive Seminar on Planning and Critical Thinking for Hartford Insurance Company.1999 and 2000


    . Conducted Seminar on How to Start Your Own Business, Hershey, PA.Nov.2000



    A $5000 grant from John E. Hughes Foundation to make Entrepreneurship study attractive to non-business majors, 2000
Academic Credentials

    Refereed Journal Articles

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    Nadim, Abbas and O. Nodoushani, "Global Dumping of Toxic Waste: Managerial Challenges for 21st Century," (1997), Journal of Business and Society v10, n1

Industry Experience

    Professor of Management: University of New Haven, 1998-Present


    1981-87: Senior Vice President: New Directions Group, Inc., 1981-1987

    Innovation and business development consulting


    Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer: Auralogic, Inc., 1986-1988


    1976-78: Research Associate: Busch Center, Wharton School University of Pennsylvania, 1976-1978


    System Analyst and Group Director: Industrial Management Institute, 1973-1978

    Research, Education and Consulting 


    Assistant Professor of Business Administration: Abadan Institute of Technology, 1970-1973
Curriculum Vitae