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Ahmed Refaee Adam
Ahmed Refaee
Basheer, B.A.
Fulbright Teaching Assistant
Arts & Sciences
Division of Humanities and Social Sciences

    The focus of my research is the latest methodologies and techniques of teaching Arabic and English languages. I’m very interested in mutual understanding between cultures, especially Egyptian and American ones.

    I’m very proud to teach Arabic language at UNH. It’s a great opportunity to teach, study, and get involved in the American Community. It’s also a great chance to exchange ideas, customs, traditions and knowledge among different countries through working with people from all over the world. It’s an amazing experience!



    B.A. Education, English Department, Sohag University, Egypt 2007

    Diploma, School Management, Sohag University, Egypt 2013

    Employment History

    Teacher of English language in Egypt, 2008-2009 / 2013-2014

    Teacher of English language in the UAE, 2009-2013