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Sack, Allen (full)
Management of Sport Industries
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    Professor of Sports Management, played on Notre Dame's 1966 National Championship football team. He later served as director of the federally funded Center for Athletes' Rights and Education, an organization co-sponsored by the National Football League Players Association. His extensive research on sports industries has appeared in numerous academic books and journals. He has served as a consultant to the NCAA and as an expert witness, and has published numerous columns in periodicals such as the New York Times, the Sporting News, and the Chronicle of Higher Education. He is the director of the Institute for Sports Management at University of New Haven.




    Ph.D. Sociology: Pennsylvania State University, 1974
    M.A. Sociology: Pennsylvania State University, 1970
    B.A. Sociology: Notre Dame University, 1967




    Faculty member of the Year Award for Service, presented by the President of the University of New Haven, 2007

    Researcher of the Year Award, College of Business, University of New Haven 2006-07

    University of New Haven Faculty Recognition Award. Presented by UNH student athletes to the faculty member who has “challenged them to achieve their academic goals,” 1997-98

    University Freshman Program Award. Presented to the outstanding professor in the university’s freshman experience program, 1993

    University of New Haven Distinguished Teacher Award, 1991

    Professional Affiliations

    Editorial Board - Journal of Sport Management
    Editorial Board - Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Sports
    Executive Board - College Sport Research Institute, University of Memphis
    Founding Member - The Drake Group
Academic Credentials

    Published Works

    Sack, A.L.  Counterfeit AmateursAn Athlete's Journey Through the Sixties to the Age of Academic Capitalism (University Park, PA: Penn State Press (2008)
    ack, A.L. and E. J. Staurowsky. College Athletes for Hire: The Evolution and Legacy of the NCAA's Amateur Myth (Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers, 1998).

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    Guest Columns and Magazine Articles

    Sack, A.L.  "Taking to the Streets at the Final Four," New York Daily News, March 20, 2008.

    Sack, A.L.  "Should College Athletes be Paid?," Christian Science MonitorMarch 7, 2008.

    Sack, A.L.  "A Crossroads for the Fighting Irish (and Their Peers)," Inisde Higher Education,January 4, 2008.

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    Sack, A.L.  "Assertive Faculty Will Aid Academic Reform," NCAA NewsMay 24, 2004.

    Sack, A.L. "NCAA Irrevocably Abandoned Amateur Principles Long Ago,"
    Indianapolis Star
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    Sack, A.L. "When Yale Spirit Vanquished Harvard Indifference," The Harvard Magazine,November, 1975.
Industry Experience

    Academic Positions

    Professor of Sports Management: University of New Haven, 1991-present

    Director of the Institute for Sports Management: School of Business, 2006-present

    Interim Dean: School of Business, 2011-present

    Adjunct Professor: University of Connecticut, 1996-2000

    Professor of Sociology: University of New Haven, 1986-1991

    Director of the University Honors Program, 1986-1991

    Associate Professor of Sociology: University of New Haven, 1980-1986

    Department Chair: University of New Haven, 1983-1986

    Assistant Professor of Sociology: University of New Haven, 1974-1980



    Administrative Experience

    Executive Board Member: College Sport Research Institute, University of Memphis, 2007-present


    Executive Board Member: The Drake Group, 1999-2004

    A national network of college faculty committed to academic integrity in collegiate sport


    Director of the Institute for Sport Management: College of Business, University of New Haven, 2006-Present  


    Coordinator of the Management of Sport Industries Program: University of New Haven 1991-Present


    University Ombudsman: University of New Haven, 1988-1991


    Director of the Arts and Science Honors Program: University of New Haven, 1987-1991


    Chairperson of the Sociology and Social Welfare Department: University of New Haven, 1983 -1986


    Project Director: Center for Athletes Rights and Education, 1981-1983

Curriculum Vitae