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Management of Sport Industries
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About Me

    My primary research focus has been major policy issues in intercollegiate athletics. I have examined the NCAA’s success in attaining its stated mission from a management perspective, looked at various models of commercial college sport and their impact on research in this area, and took a critical look at the use and manipulation of measures of academic success among big-time college athletes. I have also worked with experts in this area to write congressional legislation called the College Athlete’s Protection Act. My research and direct involvement in writing legislation have put me on the cutting edge of knowledge about restructuring the NCAA. This knowledge has been invaluable in the classroom. Before riveting in on college sports, I was finishing some research on sport marketing and spectator motives. My articles in major media outlets have allowed me to influence public discourse in debates about restructuring collegiate athletics for the 21st Century.  



    PhD, Pennsylvania State University, 1974.

    MA, Pennsylvania State University, 1970.
    Major: Sociology

    BA, Notre Dame University, 1967.
    Major: Sociology

    Published Intellectual Contributions


    Sack, A. L. (2008). Counterfeit Amateurs: An Athlete's Journey Through the Sixties to the Age of Academic Capitalism. Penn State Press.


    Journal Articles

    Sack, A. L. (2009). Can Obama Fix College Sport? Business Journal.

    Sack, A. L. (2009). Why Worry About Who's No. 1 When Education is No. 2? Street & Smith's SportsBusiness Journal.

    Sack, A. L. (2008). Taking to the Streets in the Final Four. Journal is not in list - being petitioned. 

    Sack, A. L. (2007). Dropping the Ball: Tax-Exempt NCAA Under Fire as Colleges Perform End Run Around Academic Rules. Journal is not in list - being petitioned.



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    Sack, A. L. (2014). It is Their Legal Right to Unionize?. NY Times.

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    Sack, A. L. (2008). A Crossroads for the Fighting Irish (and Their Peers).


    Refereed Journal Articles

    Sack, A. L., McComas, A., Cakan, E. (2014). The Revival of Multiyear Scholarships in the Twenty-First Century: Which Universities Supported and Opposed this Legislation and Why? Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics, 7, 207-223.

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    Sack, A. L., Nadim, A. (2002). Strategic Choices in a Turbulent Environment: A Case Study of Starter Corporation. Journal of Sport Management, 16(I).

    Presentations Given

    Sack, A. L., Debating Compensation for College Athletes, "Should College Athletes be Paid?," Boston College College of Arts and Sciences Forum, Boston College Also on Youtube. (April 23, 2013). 

    Sack, A. L. (Author), McComas, A., College Sport Research Institute, "Miraculous rivival of Multiyear Scholarships.," CSRI, UNC Chapel Hill. (April 18, 2013).

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    Sack, A. L., College Sport Research Institute Conference, "The Athletic Revolution," College Sport Research Institute, Memphis, Tennessee. (April 2008).

    Sack, A. L., "White Versus the NCAA: Antitrust Law and the NCAA's Cap on Athletic Scholarships," College Sport Research Institute Conference, Memphis, Tennessee. (April 2007).

    Sack, A. L., "The IRS, Disclosure, and the Business of College Sport," Annual Conference of the Drake Group, Cleveland, Ohio. (March 2007).

    Fried, G. B. (Presenter), Sack, A. L., Blann, F., 2000 NASSM Conference, "“Symposium, Integrating Corporate Sponsorship into the Classroom, Teaching Sports Facility Auditing, and Strategic Planning and Policy Development for Major League Lacrosse.”," Colorado Springs, CO. (2000).

    Professional Service

    Officer, President/Elect/Past, The Drake Group, New Haven, Connecticut.
    National organization of faculty representing faculty from over 40 universities. The Drake Group is dedicated to defending academic integrity in higher education from the corrosive aspects of commercial collegiate athletics. The Drake Group has supported higher education legislation at both the state and national levels. The Drake Group honors a faculty or staff member every year who has showed courage in defending academic integrity. The award is named after Robert t Maynard Hutchin's, the former president of the University of Chicago who dedicated his life to defending academic values and academic freedom.

    Special Projects or Assignments. (2011).
    'Lucida Grande' Evaluating the NCAA in Light of its stated Mission: Implications for Athletes  Rights; Keynote Address at the NCAA Scholarly Colloquium on College Sports, San Antonio, Texas, January 11.

    Special Projects or Assignments. (2010).
     'Lucida Grande' The Emergence of Academic Capitalism: Its Impact of Collegiate Sport, Keynote address at the College Sport Research Institute Conference, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, April 21. 

    Special Projects or Assignments. (2008).
    'Lucida Grande’ The Struggle for Athletes & Rights; Plenary Panel, To Remember is to Resist: 40 Years of Sport and Social Change, 1968-2008, University of Toronto. May 20-22.

    Media Contributions


    Time Magazine and more. Cited in Time Magazine, The Atlantic, CNN, Charlotte Observer, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Inside Higher Education, and many more (2013).

    Chronicle of Higher Education. Op Ed How to Save the NCAA from Itself. accepted fro publication Dec. 16, 2013, appeared on January 6, 2014. Thought I would include this FYI (December 16, 2013).

    U.S. News and World Report. Article on current efforts to openly pay college athletes (April 1, 2013).

    Indianapolis Star. Op Ed NCAA Deserves criticism, but Got it Right on Scholarships (March 27, 2013).

    Teaching Experience

    University of New Haven

    SMGT 1120, Development of American Sports, 3 courses.

    SMGT 120, Development of American Sport, 2 courses.

    SMGT 4450, Special Topics, 1 course.

    SMGT 4598, Internship, 1 course.

    SMGT 618, 1 course.

    SMGT 6618, College Sports Administration, 1 course.

Industry Experience
Curriculum Vitae