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Erik Rosenthal
Professor Emeritus
Arts & Sciences
Mathematics and Physics

    Erik Rosenthal received a Ph.D. in Mathematics with a specialty in functional analysis from the University of California at Berkeley.  He was there in the sixties and considers himself a veteran of what he calls the Berkeley Wars.  He first came to the University of New Haven in 1980, where his mathematical interests switched to automated deduction, apparently in an attempt to get computers to prove the theorems that he himself had failed to prove.  His research has produced over thirty publications and several National Science Foundation grants.  He has also published two novels- mysteries whose unemployed mathematician hero pays the rent as a private investigator.


    Ph.D., Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley, 1977 
    M.S., Computer Science, SUNY Albany Center, 1985 
    M.A., Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley,  1968 
    B.A., Mathematics, Queens College, CUNYFlushing, 1966