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Peck, L. Jesse (full)
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    L. Jesse Peck is responsible for teaching the upper division Interior Design software courses of AutoCAD and Revit Autodesk. Jesse also teaches multiple courses across the Interior Design curriculum, including Sketching and Rendering and upper division Studios at the Junior and Senior level.  In her career as an educator, Jesse has taught classes that range from theory to construction detailing.

    Jesse Peck received her Bachelor of Arts in Art at Gonzaga University with an emphasis on painting, art history, and literature. Upon graduation, Jesse opened and ran a cutting-edge art gallery in a mixed-use neighborhood of Spokane, Washington that received accolades in the local press. After two years, Jesse decided to return to school at Washington State University where she pursued a Master of Arts in Interior Design at the Interdisciplinary Design Institute.

    While at Washington State University, Jesse worked as a Graduate researcher at the Integrated Design Lab, Northwest, a high-tech research lab responsible for helping design professionals create sustainable, high performance buildings with more productive and comfortable work environments (IDL).  At the IDL, one of only four in the country, Jesse co-investigated, designed, and conducted research that explored the relationship between light and user behavior in perimeter offices. The study involved measuring light levels and distribution, luminance, illuminance, surface reflectance, and color temperatures utilizing a variety of equipment and digital modeling software.

    Jesse has practiced as an Interior Designer at a sustainably-focused firm that specialized in the design of multi-family housing for the underserved populations. At the University of New Haven she continues to explore new approaches of integrating technology into the curriculum.


    Jesse's teaching interests include:

    Affordable Housing 
    Design team leader of interdisciplinary student group that conceptualized and designed an innovative, sustainable, attached dwelling prototype for Habitat for Humanity, Spokane,Sma|rt_1 Home. 

    The integration of sustainable practices into interior design and architecture from the inception of an idea, utilizing natural light, building orientation, and wind patterns to dictate building form and detailing.

    Interdisciplinary Design
    The integration of an expansive, broad range of theory-types from varying disciplines into the study of built form as a method to explore the interdisciplinary nature of design and architecture.



    M.A. Interior Design, Interdisciplinary Design Institute
    Washington State University, Spokane, Washington

    B.A. Art, College of Arts and Sciences
    Gonzaga University, Spokane, Washington

    Invited Presentations

    Peck, J. Melcher, M. et al Demonstrating Sustainable Multi-Attached Housing: National Sustainable Design Expo, US EPA, Washington, DC. 2007

    Peck, J. and Turpin, J. Women, Poverty, and Housing: A History of Neglect. Interior Design Educators Council International Conference, Montreal, Quebec, March 2008

    Peck, J. and Melcher, M.  A Child’s Developmental Needs and the Widening Physical Radius of the Home and its Environs. Interior Design Educators Council International Conference, Baltimore, MD, March 2012.