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Yasuhara, Kento
Assistant Professor
Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences
Criminal Justice
South Campus Hall

Academic Credentials


    Ph.D., Drexel University, 2012
    M.S., Drexel University, 2010
    B.A., Cornell University, 2004

    Recently Published Books and Articles

    Heilbrun, K., DeMatteo, D., Yasuhara, K., Brooks-Holliday, S., Shah, S., King, C.M., Bingham, A., Hamilton, D., & LaDuke, C. (2012). Community-based alternatives for justice-involved individuals with severe mental illness: Review of the relevant research. Criminal Justice and Behavior

    Brooks-Holliday, S., Yasuhara, K., Shah, S., Bingham, A., King, C., Hamilton, D., Danylyuk, A., DeMatteo, D., & Heilbrun, K. (2011). The application of risk-need-responsivity to risk assessment and intervention-planning: Opportunities, limitations, and relevant research needs. American Psychology-Law Society News, 31, 4-5.

    Heilbrun, K., DeMatteo, D., Brooks, S., Yasuhara, K., Shah, S., Anumba, N., King, C., & Pich, M. (2011). Risk-needs assessment: Bridging disciplinary and regional boundaries. Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health, 21, 1-7

    Heilbrun, K., Yasuhara, K., & Shah, S. (2010). Approaches to violence risk assessment: Overview and critical analysis. In R. Otto & K. Douglas (Eds.), Handbook of violence risk assessment (pp. 1-17). New York: Routledge.


    Dr. Yasuhara's research involves the areas where mental health and criminal justice interact, such as evaluations involving mental state at the time of the offense, violence risk, and competency. Other research interests include current practices in determining defendant's ability to understand the consequences of pleading guilty and public perception of mental illness as a risk factor for violence and criminal behavior. Additionally, Dr. Yasuhara currently serves on the executive committee of the American Psychology - Law Society as the web site editor.