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Martin, Linda (full)
Marketing & Quantitative Analysis
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    Linda R. Martin, Ph.D., is a professor of Quantitative Analysis. Her teaching interests are business statistics and business mathematics. She specializes in undergraduate teaching. To support her teaching, Dr. Martin does research in the area of teaching and applied statistics. She has published in the Journal of Education for Business and the College Teaching and Methods & Styles Journal. Dr. Martin is very active in University governance. For many years she has served on the University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, University Assessment Committee and the University Tenure and Promotion Committee.

    Prior to assuming her position as a professor at UNH, Dr. Martin was Dean of the College of Business at the University of New Haven for seven years. She also held administrative positions at the Barney School of Business at the University of Hartford.

    Dr. Martin received a doctoral degree in economics from University of South Carolina. As a professor of economics, her research on women and poverty was published in the Monthly Labor Review and the article was widely received in the public media. Some of her other research has been published in the Quarterly Journal of Business & Economics, Regional Science Perspective, Small Business Economics, and the Journal of Applied Business.

    She has been an active member in regional economics associations. Dr. Martin participated in the Northeast Business and Economics Association as an executive board member and as a conference coordinator. She has served on the editorial board of the Journal of Business and Society. Currently, she is a member of the American Economics Association.

    Dr. Martin is an executive board member for the APT Foundation. The Apt Foundation is the one of the largest providers of drug-rehabilitation services in the greater New Haven area.



    Ph.D. Economics: College of Business Administration, University of South Carolina, 1981

    B.A. Mathematics: Regis College, 1971


    Other Activities

    Member: Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Business and Society, 2000-Present


    Executive Board Member: The APT Foundation (largest private provider of drug treatment in Connecticut), 2001-Present


    "Hiring and Maintaining New Faculty" invited presentation at the Northeast Association of Business School Dean, October, 2001


    "Development Activities at Small Institutions," invited presentation at the AACSB Annual Conference, Chicago, June 1998ects of saltmarsh change on coastal ecology 


    Advisory Board: Connecticut Quality Improvement Award Partnership, 1997-2001


    "The History of Connecticut Quality Improvement Awards", invited presentation at annual awards ceremony, 1998


    "Between Market Forces and Academic Standards: The Problems and Prospects of a Part-Time MBA Program,(with Z. Suster and O. Nodoushani), paper presented at theNortheast Business and Economic Association Conference, October 1999


    Panel Member: Regional Science and Technology Institution Workshop, Regional Growth Partnership, March 1996



      Professional Memberships

      American Economics Association

    Academic Credentials

      Published Works

      Linda Martin with Jiajuan Liang, "Testing the Mean for Dependent Business Data,",Journal of Hospital Marketing and Public Relations, forthcoming


      Linda Martin with Jiajuan Liang, "Likert Scaled Data: A Suggested Improvement in Statistical Testing," (2007), Academy of Taiwan Business Management Review


      Linda Martin with Parbudyal Singh, "Accelerated Degree Programs: Assessing Student Attitudes and Intentions," (2004), Journal of Education for Business


      Linda Martin with S. Morgan, "Middle Managers in Banking: An Investigation of Gender Differences in Behavior, Demographics, and Productivity," (1995), Quarterly Journal of Business and Economics


      Linda Martin with B. Wundt, "Minimizing Employment Instability: A Model of Industrial Expansion with Input-Output Considerations," (1993), Regional Science Perspectives


      Linda Martin, "The Effectiveness of Reward Systems on Innovative Output: An Empirical Analysis," (1993), Small Business Economics, Issue 5, 1993


      Linda Martin with S. Morgan and S. Schor, "Gender Differences in Career Paths in Banking," (1993), Career Development Quarterly


      Linda Martin with D. Giannaros, "Would a Higher Minimum Wage Help Poor Families Headed by Women," (1990), Monthly Labor Review


      Linda Martin with K. Stevens, "Investment in Cost Accounting Systems: Decision Criteria," (1990), Journal of Applied Business Research


      Linda Martin with K. Stevens, "The Decline of U.S. Competitiveness: Could Internal Decision Models Be To Blame?," (1989), SAM Advanced Management Journal


      Linda Martin with S. Honig-Haftel, "Is the Female Entrepreneur at a Disadvantage?," (1986), Thrust, The Journal of Employment and Training Professionals

    Industry Experience

      Professional Experience

      Professor of Quantitative Analysis: University of New Haven, 2002-Present


      Dean and Professor of Quantitative Analysis: University of New Haven, 1995-2002


      Assistant Professor of Department of Economics and Quantitative Analysis: University of New Haven, 1984-1986


      Associate Dean and Associate Professor: Barney School of Business and Public Administration, 1993-1995


      Assistant Professor: Barney School of Business and Public Administration, 1986-1993


      Assistant Professor: University of Massachusetts, 1982-1984

    Curriculum Vitae