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Sole, Meryl
Sole Ed. D.
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    Meryl Sole has a Doctorate in Music & Music Education from Columbia University, Teachers College. She also holds two Master's degrees; one in Music Education from Teachers College and the other in Performance from Boston University. Meryl's bachelor's degree in Music History and Music Theory was awarded from the University of Pennsylvania. Before coming to UNH, Meryl was an Adjunct Professor of Music at Adelphi University where she taught brass lessons, music theory, music appreciation and music history. She was a Visiting Assistant Professor at SUNY Empire State College and has also taught music at Nassau Community College and Jersey City University. Meryl's research focus on toddlers (ages 18-36 months) and the spontaneous songs they sing when they are alone before they fall asleep. As a performer, Meryl has freelanced as a horn player with local NY orchestras including the National Opera Center, the Richmond County Orchestra, the Cosmopolitan Symphony, the Regina Opera Company, The 92nd Street Y Orchestra, the Greater Newburgh Symphony, and various chamber groups including the Savako Trio. 



    Columbia University, Teacher’s College Department of Music and Music Education, Ed.D Music and Music Education ABD (Projected date of completion: September 2013)

    Boston University, College of Fine Arts, M.M. Brass Performance

    University of Pennsylvania, College of Arts and Sciences, B.A. Music History and Music Theory

    Professional Experience - ACADEMIC

    January 2006 – Present
    Adjunct Professor
    Department of Music, Adelphi University

    As an Adjunct Professor, I am responsible for developing a syllabus for each of the courses I have taught listed below within the structure of our current degree offering, including various independent studies as needed and requested by students. Additionally, I developed two courses in popular music studies that fulfill general education requirements. I also teach a number of online, blended and live courses to adult students in the University College program as well as private instruction on French horn and trumpet.


    Rock n’ Roll: a Social History

    This course focuses on the rise of the rock music phenomenon, its pervasive infiltration of many aspects of late 20th century society and its ongoing effects on the creation of “serious” music. Students learn how to “actively” listen to music and also how to talk about it using a new musical vocabulary. Lectures and assignments incorporate listening examples and group projects. Students are challenged to listen, write, think creatively and make music.

    Music, Culture and Society: the US Tradition

    This course focuses on a thorough study of the styles, influences and composers of the United States of America from pre-colonial times to the present day. Students examine musical examples from diverse traditions and connect them with various social, political and economic events. Students learn how to “actively” listen to music and also how to talk about it using a new musical vocabulary. Lectures and assignments incorporate listening examples and group projects. Students are challenged to listen, write, think creatively and make music.

    Development of Western Music

    This course serves as an introduction to Western classical music. Students explore the fundamentals of music and examine works by composers from the Middle Ages up to the 20th Century. Students gain knowledge and appreciation of the contribution of music to aesthetic theory and cultural developments through the study of major musical works. Class lectures and assignments will rely heavily on listening examples, group projects and hands-on music making.  

    Decades of Jazz Online

    This online course focuses on the origins, styles and musicians who developed the unique and vital American art form known as Jazz. Students learn how to actively listen to music and also how to talk about it. This course is conducted entirely online. Students have regular weekly assignments as well as a major research project to complete. They are also required to attend at least 1 live jazz performance to experience this music firsthand. Weekly “live” meeting take place using Skype and Adobe Connect. 

    History of Rock n’ Roll; a Blended Course

    This blended course (in person and online) allows students to examine American popular music from its roots in Tin Pan Alley to the present day. Students discuss significant trends, which have shaped rock n’ roll from the 1950’s to today. There is a focus on learning  to actively listen to music and also how to talk and write about it. In addition to seven live class lectures, students meet online both synchronously and asynchronously and attend live performances.


    Group Instruction: Brass Lab for Music Education Majors

    Applied brass prepares prospective music teachers to instruct students in brass playing. This course is designed to provide a practical knowledge of each brass instrument including playing techniques, instrument-specific problems, and teaching techniques for each brass instrument: trumpet, French horn, trombone and tuba.


    Aural Skills and Musicianship III

    This course focuses on the strengthening and further development of students’ musical and aural skills, including sight-reading in four clefs; written harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic dictation; and more complex rhythmic training. Solfege syllables (movable “do”) as well as numbers are used for sight-reading exercises.

    Aural Skills and Musicianship IV

    This course involves sight-reading in four different clefs, following both tonal and atonal melodic examples, as well as complex rhythmic patterns.  Dictation examples similarly are more challenging, moving from tonal to modulating and chromatic examples.           


    Major Singer/Songwriters
    Capstone Project on Protest Music
    K-12 Brass Instruction

    Significant Female Composers Throughout History
    Guitar Heroes through the History of Rock

    Music Theory Overview

    September 2006 to August 2007
    Visiting Assistant Professor
    SUNY Empire State College

    As a Visiting Assistant Professor, I taught both live and online courses in music theory, music history and music education. I also taught independent studies in the same areas. I was also responsible for advising students and in the design of their degree plans. Additionally, I served as an evaluator of prior learning experience where students were awarded college credit for previous learning.  Course taught:

    Seminar in Rock History

    Music Theory I-IV

    Aural Skills I-IV

    History of Western Music

    World Music I and II

    History of Opera

    Jazz History

    Independent Studies

    Music and Ballet



    September 2006- present
    Adjunct Professor
    Nassau Community College

    As an Adjunct Professor, I taught courses in the history of western music as well as private instruction in French horn. I also performed alongside students with the Nassau Community College Orchestra and Chorus.


    September 2007-September 2009
    Adjunct Professor
    New Jersey City University

    As an Adjunct Professor, I taught courses in the history of western music, music theory and ear training.


    September 2006-May 2007
    Brass Faculty
    Westchester Home Music School

    As a private instructor, I taught brass lessons, piano lessons and music theory to students of all ages.


    September 2002- present
    Brass Instructor
    Private Brass Studio in NY Metropolitan Area

    As a private instructor in my own music studio, I teach brass lessons on French horn and trumpet to students of all ages.



    Extensive freelance work with New York area orchestras including: 92nd Street Y Orchestra, the National Opera Center, Sarah Lawrence College Symphony, Richmond County Orchestra, Riverside Opera Company, Kingsborough Band, Regina Opera Company, Cosmopolitan Symphony, the Greater Newburgh Symphony, New Amsterdam Symphony, fall 2002 to fall 2009

    Member, Savako Trio- performances of the Brahms Horn Trio, New York City, May 2004

    Solo recital at the Pen and Brush Club of New York City, fall 2003

    Solo concerto performance with the Musica Bella Orchestra of New York, May 2003

    Graduate Degree Recitals, Boston University, November 2001 and May 2002

    Member, Melioria Woodwind Quintet, Boston University, 2001 to 2002

    Extensive substitute work with Boston area Orchestras including the Brockton Symphony

    Solo Performance of Beethoven Horn Sonata at Weill Recital Hall, Carnegie Hall, New --York Youth Symphony Chamber Music Program, May 1999

    Solo concerto performance with the University of Pennsylvania Symphony Orchestra, May 1997


    Featured Article in School Music News, the Official Journal of the New York State School Music Association, October 2012

    Research article on “Songs from the crib: What parents and educators can learn from toddlers’ private bedtime vocalizations”- in progress

    Research article on “Songs from the crib II: the private bedtime vocalizations of twin toddlers”- in progress

    Research article- “Toddlers’ private bedtime vocalizations: An international perspective”- in progress


    Nominee for Faculty Excellence Award, Adelphi University, 2009, 2010

    Scholarship recipient, The Pen and Brush Club, Women’s Society of New York City

    First Prize Winner, University of Pennsylvania Concerto Competition 1997


    Sole, Meryl. “Songs from the crib: What parents and educators can learn from toddlers’ private bedtime vocalizations”- Advancing Interdisciplinary Research in Singing (AIRS) Annual Meeting, Toronto, Canada, August 2103.


    College Music Society (CMS), member.