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Niemi, Nancy (full)
Professor, Chair of Education
Arts & Sciences
Saw Mill

    Nancy S. Niemi is a professor with a passion to teach because it is a radical act of confidence in the power of people to change the world.  As Associate Professor of Education and Chair of the Education Department, she works with pre-service teachers and teaches courses in subjects across the pedagogical spectrum.  She is committed to infusing all her work with a focus on social equity and on how teachers can be social activists.  She thoroughly enjoys being Chair of the Education Department, working with her colleagues across the University to make intellectual curiosity a facet of every student’s life, long beyond their college years.

    Niemi’s research interests lie in the relationships between gender and schooling (teachers’ gender as well as students’), in the effectiveness of teaching on students’ political habits, on meanings inherent in classroom interactions, and most recently, in the ways in which the pursuit of college credentials might work against the achievement of women’s equity. 

    When she’s not working or otherwise making trouble, she’s cooking, reading, or buying shoes. 



    Ph.D., Teaching and Curriculum, University of Rochester
    M.S., Education, Elmira College 
    B.A., English, University of Rochester

    Recent Publications

    • Niemi, N. S., Brown, N. & Smith, J. B. (In press). The portrayal of teachers in children's popular fiction. Journal of Research in Education.
    • Niemi, N. S. (2010). Review of Sadker, D., Sadker, M. & Zittleman, K. 2008. Still failing at fairness: How gender bias cheats girls and boys in school and what we can do about it. New York: Scribner. In Gender and Education 10(1).
    • Niemi, N. S. (2007). Multiple Identities, Single Vision. Kate Rousmaniere's Citizen Teacher: The life and leadership of Margaret Haley. Feminist Teacher, 18(2).
    • Niemi, N. S. & Smith, J. B. (2007). Body size and teacher bias: Exploring teacher ability perceptions of short boys. Journal of Educational Research, 100(6): 331-335.
    • Niemi, N. S. & Niemi, R. G. (2007). Partisanship, participation, and political trust as taught (or not) in high school history and government classes. Theory & Research in Social Education, 35 (1), 32-61.
    • Niemi, N.S. (2007). The emperor has no clothes: Exposing the naturalization of gender in middle school student identities. In B. Edson & J. Linde (Eds.), Gender & Communication, Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall-Hunt Publishing.
    • Niemi, N. S. (2005). The emperor has no clothes: Exposing the naturalization of gender in middle school student identities. Gender and Education, 17(5), 483-497.


    2010 – Rising Star Award, Business New Haven, September.
    2007 -- Outstanding Article, Gender & Education Association, United Kingdom.
    1997-98, 1999-2000 -- Graduate Student Research Grant, Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender and Women's Studies.
    1997-98, 1998-99 -- Scanlon Dissertation Fellowship, Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development.
    1997 -- First Annual Allison B. Schmidt Memorial Award
    1996 -- Future Woman Educator Award, Delta Kappa Gamma Society