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Schwartz, Pauline
Tagliatela College of Engineering
Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
Buckman Hall

    Current University Committees

    • Member and Chair, University Information Technology Advisory Committee - 2003-2010
    • Member, University Institutional Review Board - 2003-Current
    • Leader, NEASC Team (Library and Information Services) - 2009-2010
    • Team leader for UNH Experiential Education Initiative in Undergraduate Research and Scholarship


    Academic Credentials


      Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry, University of Michigan, 1975
      M.S. in Medicinal Chemistry, University of Michigan, 1971
      B.S. in Chemistry, Drexel University, 1970. (Magna cum laude)

      Awards and Honors

      • University Research Scholar – 2007-2012
      • Visiting Associate Professor of Dermatology at Yale University - 2003 - present
      • UNH Award for Excellence in Teaching – May, 2009
      • UNH Center for Experiential Education 2009 LEARN Award for Excellence for Faculty Mentored Undergraduate Research
      • Graduate Experiential Education Academy - 2008
      • Member and President, UNH Society for Experiential Education - 2009
      • UNH Summer Fellowship and Research Awards (2005-2010)


      Schwartz, P.M., Lepore, Dante, and Barratt, Carl, Computational Models of the Prebiotic Replication of dsRNA under Thermal Cycling Conditions, (in preparation)

      Schwartz, P.M., Lepore, D.M., Morneau, B.N., and Barratt, C., Demonstrating optical activity using an iPad, J. Chem. Edu (accepted)

      Lepore, Dante, Barratt, Carl, and Schwartz, P.M., Computational models of chemical systems inspired by Braess’ paradox, J. Mathematical Chemistry, 49: 356-370, 2011 (Braess Paradox )

      Barratt, Carl, Lepore, Dante M, Cherubini, Matthew, J and Schwartz, P.M., Computational Models of Thermal Cycling in Chemical Systems, International Journal of Chemistry, Vol.2: No.2:, 19-27, 2010

      Osipovitch, Daniel C, Gordon, Thomas, Barratt, Carl, and Schwartz, P.M., Chemical and Biomedical Models of Parrando’s Paradox, FASEB, 23: 514.1, 2009 (abstract)

      Daniel C., Osipovitch, Barratt, C. and Schwartz, P. M. Systems Chemistry and Parrondo’s Paradox: Computational Models of Thermal Cycling, New Journal of Chemistry 33: 2022-2027, 2009

      Menon, G.K., Brandsma, J.L. and Schwartz, P.M. Particle mediated delivery and human skin: Ultrastructural observations on stratum corneum barrier structures. Journal of Skin Pharmacology and Physiology, 20:141-147, 2007.

      Milstone, L.M., Asgari, M.M., Schwartz, P.M. and Hardin-Young, J. Growth factor expression, healing and structural characteristics of Grafskin (Apligraf®). Wounds, 12: 12-19, 2000.

      Asgari, M.M., Haggerty, J.G., McNiff, J.M., Milstone, L.M. and Schwartz, P.M.; Expression and localization of thymidine phosphorylase/platelet-derived endothelial cell growth factor in skin and epidermal tumors. J Cut. Pathol. 26: 287-294, 1999.

      Schwartz, P.M., Haggerty, J.G. and Cheng, Y-C. β-L-1,3-Dioxolane-cytidine: A novel nucleoside that inhibits proliferation and induces differentiation of keratinocytes in vitro. Skin Pharmacol, 11: 207-213, 1998.

      Fenjves, E.S., Schwartz, P.M. Blaese, R.M., and Taichman, L.B. Keratinocyte gene therapy for adenosine deaminase deficiency: A model approach for inherited metabolic disorders. Human Gene Therapy, 8: 911-917, 1997.

      Schwartz, P.M., Barnett, S.K. and Milstone, L.M. Keratinocytes differentiate in response to inhibitors of deoxyribonucleotide synthesis. J. Dermatologic Sci. 9: 129, 1995.

      Schwartz, P.M., Barnett, S.K., Atillasoy, E.J. and Milstone, L.M. Methotrexate induces
      differentiation of human keratinocytes. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., USA, 89:594, 1992

      Schwartz, P.M., Barnett, S.K. and Reuveni, H. Thymidine salvage changes with differentiation in human keratinocytes in vitro. J. Invest. Dermatol., 97: 1057, 1991.

      Doctoral Dissertation:

      9-β-D-Arabinofuranosyladenine: Metabolism and Effects of Virus Replication and DNA
      Synthesis in Uninfected and Herpes Simplex Virus-Infected KB Cells. Doctorate in Medicinal
      Chemistry. The University of Michigan, 1975

      Provisional Patent:

      Schwartz, P.M. and Barratt, C.  Wagering game using a series of random binary events and having a selectable house advantages, , Filed March 2009.

      Courses Taught

      • CH 501 - Advanced Organic Chemistry
      • CH 412 - Seminar
      • CH 351 - Qualitative Organic Chemistry
      • CH 341 - Synthetic Methods in Chemistry
      • CH 201-CH 204 - Organic Chemistry I and II and Laboratories
      • CH 115-CH 118 - General Chemistry I and II and Laboratories
      • CH 107.CH 108 - Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Laboratory
      • CH 105 - Introduction to General and Organic Chemistry with Laboratory
      • CH 103.CH 104 - Introduction to General Chemistry and Laboratory
      • EAS 120 - General Chemistry with Applications to Biosystems
      • CH 650 - Medicinal Chemistry
      • CH 655 - Pharmacology