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Farrell, Richard (full)
Senior Lecturer
Arts & Sciences
Harugari Hall

    I enjoy both the writing and the literature courses offered by my department. With regard to writing, I find the first-year writing courses, including ENGL 1103, challenging and rewarding, and I have a special fondness for English 2251 Narrative Nonfiction because it allows students—majors and non-majors alike—to make discoveries about themselves and about their aptitude for compelling forms of written self-expression that they may never have recognized before. With regard to literature, my interests range from the canonical to the decidedly not so. I favor a “studies in” approach to period or survey courses rather than any rigid list of must-reads. I find ENGL 3323 The Renaissance in England particularly satisfying and see it as an opportunity for cross-cultural investigation, with special emphasis on connections with Italy, rather than as a solely literary enterprise. Equally, though, I am drawn to genre and genre-bending courses, for example in science fiction and in American and/or international crime fiction, because analysis of popular culture is just as culturally revealing as analysis of high culture. I am also very interested in the Common Course and the Honors Program. Whatever the course, what matters is that by the end students should be able to say, “I never thought of that, and it is well worth thinking about” and “I never knew I could do that, and it is well worth doing.”

    I should add that an academic department should be seen as part of the university community as a whole. It is gratifying to work closely with colleagues in other majors and with, for example, student-focused groups such as the Admissions Office, the Registrar’s Office, the Academic Success Center, and the First-Year Success Center. 



    M.Phil., Yale University
    M.A., University of Virginia
    B.A., University of Notre Dame
Courses Taught

    ENGL 1103 Fundamentals of Composition
    ENGL 1105 Composition
    ENGL 1110 Composition & Literature
    ENGL 2251 Narrative Non-fiction
    ENGL 3323 The Renaissance in England
    ENGL 4481 Special Topics: International Crime Fiction