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Zajac, Roman (full)
Professor, Coordinator, Graduate Environmental Science Program
Arts & Sciences
Biology & Environmental Science
Dodds Hall

    Current Research Programs:

    • Application of landscape ecology approaches to sea floor ecology
    • Development of Food web models for estuarine systems
    • Responses of sea floor communities to natural and human disturbances
    • Effects of saltmarsh change on coastal ecology 
    • Population ecology and genetics of polychaete annelids 
    • Application of geographic information systems (GIS) in environmental assessment  
    Personal / Zajac Lab Website:

    Recent Published Books and Articles

    Munguia, P.,  R. Osman, R. Whitlatch, J. Hamilton, and R. Zajac.  2011.  Changes in habitat heterogeneity alter marine sessile benthic communities.  Ecological Applications. 21:925-935.

    Osman, R.  P. Munguia , R. Whitlatch, J. Hamilton, and R. Zajac.  2010.  Potential thresholds and multiple community states in southern New England marine communities: integrating natural history with management strategies.  Marine Ecology Progress Series.   413:277-289

    Munguia, P. R. Osman, R. Whitlatch, J. Hamilton, and R. Zajac. 2010.  Community thresholds and species dominance in Long Island Sound benthic communities. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 413:229-240.

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    Olson, M.A., R.N. Zajac & M. Russello. 2009. Estuarine-scale genetic variation in the polychaete Hobsonia florida in Long Island Sound and relationships to Pleistocene glaciations. Biological Bulletin, 217: 86–94.

    Neely, A., and R. Zajac. 2008. Applying marine protected area design models in large estuarine systems. Marine Ecology Progress Series 373:11-23.

    Zajac, R. 2008. Macrobenthic biodiversity and sea floor landscape structure. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 366:198-203

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