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Sangbok Lee photo
Assistant Professor
Tagliatela College of Engineering
Mechanical/Civil & Environmental Engineering

    I graduated Purdue University and had been worked as a visiting scholar at UC Merced Management Program for the last two years. My research interest is in Service Operations, particularly in healthcare delivery systems. Collaborating with service providers in hospitals, I try to improve the clinical processes with optimization techniques, such as computer simulation and analytical methods. UNH is very attractive to me because UNH has a lot of possibilities in developing myself as an important part in academic fields in terms of teaching, research, and services. Thanks to the endeavor that UNH has been making, the enrollment is growing over the years and many interesting educational programs have been developed. In addition, there are a lot of hospitals nearby, where I can do my research work. Because of the reasons listed above, I could see many opportunities at UNH and that was the reason why I came here. I will teach operations research and probability courses in this coming fall semester. In my class, I try to provide students with many real world case studies and assign projects, which help students to apply the techniques and concepts covered in class to real world problems. I am very excited to be here at UNH and look forward to meeting students, staffs, and faculties. Please feel free to contact me if you have anything to share, talk, or to ask.