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Sangbok Lee photo
Assistant Professor
Tagliatela College of Engineering
Mechanical/Civil & Environmental Engineering

    I graduated from Purdue University and worked as a visiting scholar at UC Merced's Management Program from 2-12-14. My research interest is in service operations, particularly in healthcare delivery systems. Collaborating with service providers in hospitals, I try to improve the clinical processes with optimization techniques, such as computer simulation and analytical methods. I have taught operations research and probability courses at UNH. In my classes, I provide students with many real world case studies and assign projects, which help students to apply the techniques and concepts covered in class to real world problems.
Academic Credentials


    Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering, Purdue University

    M.S. in Industrial Engineering, Purdue University

    Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics, Purdue University

    B.S. in Industrial Engineering, Korea University


    Magoon Award for Excellence in Teaching.  Awarded for serving as as a teaching assistant for the course IE 336: Operations Research - Stochastic Models, Spring 2009, Purdue University

    1st Prize for Poster Session at Energizing Enterprise Conference Co-Awarded for theposter titled “Quality Improvementon Appointment  Scheduling in Outpatient Clinics” with Alenezi, A., Chiam, T., Hidayat,  J., Le, T., Lee, S., Locker, M., Surducan, S., Wu, S., Lawley, M., Yih,  Y., Suelzer, C., Doebbeling, N. B. March 2005

    Selected Publications

    Lee, S. and Yih, Y., “Reducing Patient-Flow Delays in Surgical Suites Through Determining Start-Times of Surgical Cases”, European Journal of Operational Research, 238: 620-629, 2014.

    Lee, S., Min, D., Ryu, J., and Yih, Y., “A Simulation Study of Appointment Scheduling in Outpatient Clinics: Open Access and Overbooking”, Simulation: Transactions of The Society for Modeling and Simulation International, 89(12): 1459-1473, 2013.

    Lee, S. and Yih, Y., “Analysis of Open Access Scheduling System in Outpatient Clinics − A Simulation Study”, Simulation: Transactions of The Society for Modeling and Simulation International, 86(8-9): 503-518, 2010.

    Lee, S., Yih, Y., “Surgery Scheduling for Multiple Operating Rooms Under Uncer- tainty and Resource Constraints of Post-Anesthesia Care Units”, In: Proceedings of the Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference, Orlando, Florida, May 19-23, 2012.

     Lee, S., Yih, Y., Chiu, G., and Allebach, J., “Analysis of Idle Time Effect on Color Consistency of Electrophotographic Printer”, In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Digital Printing Technologies, Louisville, Kentucky, September 20- 24, 2009.