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Ma, Tingguang
Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice & Forensic Sciences
Fire Science & Professional Studies
Academic Credentials


    Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland, 2006
    M.S., Fire Protection Engineering, University of Maryland, 2001
    A.S., Thermal Energy Engineering, Southeast University, China, 1996
    B.S., Thermal Energy Engineering, Southeast University, China, 1993


    Tingguang Ma, a fire protection engineer by education, starts his teaching career at UNH. Originally trained to be a thermal engineer, he switched to the fledgling fire protection engineering 10 years ago. After received a Ph.D. degree and served the industry (including manufacturing, consulting and servicing work) for some years, he went back to school with a vision that fire science is facing significant changes in knowledge and technology recently. Fire is a narrow field (for career development), but the safety is a broad topic. How to apply the unique fire expertise in different safety-related fields is still a long way to go. He hopes to spend some time in training the students to meet recent demands on fire protection engineers for homeland security, and make some contributions to this profession by research work. His research interests are fire suppression theory for fire safety and human behavior analysis for crowd safety.