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Todd Jokl
Associate Professor & Campus Dean, Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts
Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts
860-434-5232 x123
LYME Old Lyme Campus

    Artist Statement

    There are two overarching themes I see as critical aspects in my artwork: the individuality of perception as it relates to time and the concepts of interaction between people sharing (and consuming) environments.  Photography, digital art, and moving image are the primary mediums I work with to explore time and expose a deeper understanding of the relationships between people and their environments.

    Individuals perceive their environment and ideas from their own, unique perspective. To this end, time, the essence of measurement we use to determine everything from our daily work or recreation schedule to the duration of a lifetime, is highly subjective and variable, transitioning from one instant to the next. Time and our interpretation of it are pliable; it evolves as we do. A common thread in my work is the exploration of time and how we can elucidate various meanings from ideas if we experience them by placing different filters on time. I strive to represent subjects through an unexpected shift in the natural state of time each subject possesses in and of itself; in reverse, or altered from a moving image to a still image and vice versa.

    Second, I am intrigued by how we can occupy a similar space—a room, a residential area, a town and even a planet—with other individuals and yet, we can remain so isolated and disconnected from each other as well as the environments we occupy or alter. We live in a cultural and technological era of hyper connectivity and consumption, however, we are increasingly isolated from each other and the supply chain of where our “objects of desire” originate.  Much of my motion graphic and installation-based work deals directly with these concerns.

    My photographic, motion graphic, and digital artwork has always examined the interaction of time, place, and environment. Increasingly, recent work has turned to the night in order to examine and create scenes that comment on the delicate balance we find between the beauty and danger of the evening hours. I am interested in the visualization of compressing seconds, minutes or hours into a single still image. Many of these photographs rely upon long exposure combinations of film-based images and digital photographic techniques to visualize and mold the passage of time.



    M.F.A., University of Connecticut, Storrs
    B.A., Yale University

    Recent Publications

    Caduceus Journal. Cover design.  Fall 2011, Volume 9.  Yale University, 2011

    Connecticut River Review. Cover Design.  Connecticut Poetry Society, 2011

    Connecticut Review.  Featured artist and cover artwork. Spring 2010, Volume 32 Number 1.  ConnecticutState University System, 2010

    Long River Run. Cover design and layout.  Connecticut Poetry Society, 2010

    Caduceus Journal. Cover design.  Fall 2010, Volume 8.  Yale University School of Medicine, 2010

    New Haven Register: “Hanging by a Thread.”  May 21, 2006.  Donna Doherty, 2006

    NY ArtsMagazine: “David Opdyke: Small World (Conversation with Diane Dwyer, Phillip Buntin, CareyMcDougal and Todd Jokl)Vol. 7 No. 2, February 2002

    Hayden’s Ferry Review: Featured artist in Issue no. 31, Fall/Winter 2002.

    Selected Exhibitions

    National Arts League Photography Exhibition, featured artist.  National Arts League, New York, NY. 2012

    Pardee Morris House, New Haven, CT. 2012

    Emerging Artist Show, RabbitHole Studio, in conjunction with the New York Photo Festival. 2011

    Figment Arts Festival, Boston, MA, Rose Kennedy Greenway. 2011

    Conflux Art Festival New York City, NYU School of Art. 2010

    Society for Photographic Education National Conference. 2010

    Macro|Micro: Infinite Possibilities.  Northern Kentucky University Art Gallery. 2010

    Insights, Center Gallery, New Haven, CT 2008

    Conflux.  Brooklyn, NY. 2007

    Implode. Hello Gallery.  New Haven, CT 2007

    Convergence. Akus Gallery of Art.  Eastern Connecticut State University. 2007

    The End(s) of Photography: Modeling the Photographic. McDonough Museum of Art.  Youngstown, OH. 2007

    Stop|Motion: Video Shorts|Video Stills.  Seton Gallery or Contemporary Art.  New Haven, CT. 2006

    Exit Biennial II: Traffic.  Exit Art, New York, NY.  2005

    Curatorial Projects

    AIRS: Artists in Residence. ArtSpace, New Haven, CT, 2008

    Thread.  ArtSpace, New Haven, CT, 2006

    Committees, Boards, and Conference Presentations

    Site Projects New Haven: Board of Directors

    CT Commission on Culture and Tourism: Featured Speaker

    Art History Society: Midwest Conference: Delivered the paper “Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction: How Artwork's Scale is Effected by Infinite Reproducibility.”

    Percent for the Arts, City of New Haven: Acted as the Coordinator for municipal arts initiative

    ATINER International Conference of Fine and Performing Arts: Delivered the paper "Micro|Macro"

    Visual Arts Committee, Artspace, New Haven

    Aspen Institute Faculty Seminar

    Society for Photographic Education National Conference: Delivered the paper "Creating Memory: Narration of the Real."