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Tamborra, Tracy (full)
Associate Professor
Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice & Forensic Sciences
Criminal Justice
South Campus Hall
Academic Credentials


    Ph.D., City University of New York, 2008
    M.S., University of New Haven, 2000
    B.S., University of New Haven, 1996

    Recent Published Books and Articles

    Tamborra, T. (2014, in press). African American females and domestic violence. In Jones-Brown, D. & Frazier, B (Eds.), African Americans and Criminal Justice: An Encyclopedia. Greenwood Press: CA.

    Tamborra, T. Dutton, L., & Terry. K. (2013). Verbally coerced sex: Does she have to say no? International Review of Victimology.

    Tamborra, T. (2012). "Poor, urban, battered women who are stalked: How can we include their experiences?" Feminist Criminology, 7(2),112 - 129.

    Tamborra, T. & Narchet, F. (2011). "University sexual misconduct policy: Prioritizing student-victim voices." Crime Prevention and Community Safety 13(1), 16-33.


    Dr. Tamborra's research interests include domestic violence, sexual assault/abuse, and the effects of the criminal justice system on women, persons of color, persons affected by poverty and other traditionally marginalized groups.