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Course Curriculum

The mission of NSEE is to foster the effective use of experience as an integral part of education, in order to empower learners and promote the common good. The goals of the organization are:

  • To advocate for the use of experiential learning throughout the educational system and the larger community;
  • To disseminate information on principles of good practice and on innovations in the field;
  • To enhance the professional growth and leadership development of our members; and
  • To encourage the development and dissemination of research and theory related to experiential learning.

NSEE celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 1996 at the National Conference in Snowbird, Utah. As part of that celebration, NSEE At Twenty-Five was released. This document describes the many milestones NSEE has reached as a diverse and involved organization and looks at the directions which NSEE will go in the future.

In 1997, Foundations of Experiential Education grew out of conversations on the mission of NSEE that took place at a strategic planning meeting of the NSEE Board of Directors. The document describes the common ground on which NSEE members, and so the organization, stand.