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Careers for the Common Good

Careers for the Common Good are socially responsible occupations that focus on helping the greater good. Careers for the Common Good that fit this description can be found in many sectors, but primarily in the nonprofit and government sectors. The main goal of the Service-Learning department is to connect students interested in Careers for the Common Good to valuable resources. The following can be found on the website:

  1. Graduate study- graduate degrees focused on public interest, such as Public Policy and Social Work
  2. Post-graduate service opportunities-National and International volunteer positions with organizations for one-two years
  3. Nonprofit organizations- a list of nonprofits in the region to begin exploring possible career paths

 The Academic Service-Learning department will be having several workshops during the year. Please go to the workshops tab to find out when these workshops will be held!

What is the nonprofit sector?

Nonprofit organizations (NPO) are distinguished by the mission of fulfilling a public need. Most NPOs address the most common issues facing a community such as illiteracy, homelessness, and housing. According to 13.7 million people in the United States are employed by the nonprofit sector. This accounts for approximately 10% of employees in the entire country. Typical jobs in the nonprofit sector are also common in the private sector. Career paths include jobs such as grant writing, management, media design and event planning.


How can you get involved?

Any student interested in the nonprofit and public service sector are welcome to come to our workshops. All of these workshops are free and offer a variety of experience in both networking and resume building. There are many ways to explore socially responsible careers. UNH, a leader in experiential education, provides opportunities for students. Some of these opportunities include:

  • Enrolling in an Academic Service-Learning course.
  • Joining the Community Work Study Program.
  • Interning at a nonprofit or public service organization.
  • Volunteer at a local nonprofit or public service organization
  • Apply for the Presidential Public Service Fellowship.