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Academic Service Learning For Faculty

The Academic Service-Learning Office will be providing faculty development seminars covering the following topics:

  • What is Academic Service-Learning?
  • Reflection
  • Academic Service-Learning Syllabi
  • Planning and Logistics
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Developing and Sustaining Community Partnerships

Expectations of Service Learning Scholars

To be selected as a Service-Learning Scholar, you must 

  • identify a course you wish to incorporate service-learning pedagogy into and submit previous course description and syllabus
  • complete and submit the Service-Learning Scholar application 
    • attend and participate in the seminar
    • teach your service-learning course within the next year  
  • contribute to the growth of academic service-learning at UNH
  • participate in Experiential Education Day
    • file course syllabus with the Academic Service-Learning Office
    • lend your expertise by working with future Service-Learning Scholars

Service-learning Scholars Seminar Topics

Topics Core Competencies
Discover Service- Learning Pedagogy Scholars will define service-learning and its academic basis, key components, and impact. 
Establish Community Partnerships Using an asset-based approach, Scholars will develop effective strategies to cultivate community partnerships and learn how partnerships can apply in developing service-learning curriculum.

Design a Service- Learning Course

Scholars will establish and assess civic learning objectives, learning outcomes, and competencies for students.  Scholars will explore syllabi, texts, models and resources to assist in curriculum development. 

Assess and Integrate Reflection

Using four core elements, Scholars will learn how to integrate reflection activities into a service-learning course.  Scholars will learn how reflection is a tool for assessment and ways to incorporate it into their coursework.