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Articles and Reports

Service-Learning and Retention

A review of the research linking service-learning and college student retention.

Service-Learning Projects Involving Play: Student Perceptions

This study examined student perceptions during a course on play that involved service-learning. Thirty-four students from two classes, one in the fall and one in the spring, participated in this service-learning study. A mixed method design was used to uncover students’ perceptions. Three main themes emerged from the data: positive experiences, impact of applied knowledge, and making a difference/social responsibility. The challenges and benefits of engaging in experiential education (service-learning project) to students and the instructor are also discussed.

Service-Learning and Academic Success: The Links to Retention Research

This brief provides a general overview of the relationship that exists between academics and community service. It argues, that service-learning should be thought of as a process that creates greater student engagement, which in turn results in the product of student retention. The overall intent is to provide a clearer foundation in the research that supports the way that service-learning is related to student success. In doing so, we will encourage dynamic collaborations between our offices of civic engagement and our institutional initiatives to improve retention.