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2013 Inductees

        Shannon Allard

This experience helped to meet people from different walks of life. The students shared their professional work with us and therefore their experiences. It was a great accomplishment to assist them in their final capstone project. 


Shanna Armbrust

Studying abroad in France was the most rewarding and challenging experience of my life. I was thrown into a new culture and language that I knew nothing about, but I embraced every moment of it. Studying abroad has helped shape my worldview, and has opened my eyes to a land of possibilities just waiting for me to take ahold of them.  Studying abroad was important to me because it was a time of personal self-discovery as well as experiential learning. The information I learned in textbooks at UNH were brought to life in France because the images that were once on a page were standing right before my eyes.


Meghan Avery

Interning at a small business firm has opened my eyes into the legal profession. My proudest accomplishment so far was researching information on a landlord/tenant case that was used in the trial that I had the opportunity to observe. Doing work that contributes directly to our client’s case is very rewarding.



Rebecca Balemian

I had the opportunity to learn and utilize motivational interviewing to encourage and teach women how to eat healthy on a budget, as well as, encouraging smoking cessation and helping them to set short and long term nutrition and exercise goals in an effort to decrease their risk of stroke and heart disease.


Jessica Bennett

The coursework involved in Dental Hygiene Concepts IV, particularly the clinical portion, has been an invaluable learning experience, not only enabling me to acquire the skills necessary to become a proficient clinician, but also opening my eyes to the nature of the preventive services that I will be able to provide as I pursue my career following graduation.



Matthew Boczar

This experience was important to me because it allowed me to work in a sport-related field while improving my writing skills, a skill set that is essential for success in any business environment. 



Amber Bonds

This experience was very enlightening and delightful. Having an understanding and appreciation for cultures other than my own will allow me to be open-minded and diplomatic when working in the science field.



Sarah Boucher


My experiences have shown me that although I might not feel as though I am assisting or changing anyone’s situation, I can make a difference and help someone. I feel proud to know that I might be making a difference in at least one person’s life. I look forward to gaining more experience volunteering in the community. 



Kellie Broome

It was a very informative internship. I tasted what might be in my future career in the Criminal Justice system. I now understand the different procedures for the court and for the probation office. I saw people in different levels of being reformed and it helped renew my confidence that we are making a difference.



Timothy Callahan

My research project was important to me because it gave me the most practical experience out of everything I have done at UNH. With these experiences, I can confidently tell potential employers that I already have the skills to forensically analyze DNA. These skills will make me very competitive in the job market. 



Van Dieu Cao

From the internship, I was able to get real life projects and help engineers in the company to build prototypes. Interacting with a group of engineers when problems came up and discussing the issues to find out the solutions were a big help for my learning experiences. 



Victoria Carnera

My study experience in Italy was a life changing experience that I will never forget.  I was worried that I would be too nervous and shy, but I was able to overcome those obstacles. My experience in Italy changed my life and contributed to my understanding of other cultures and my willingness to step out of my comfort zone. 



Tess Carroll

This experience was important to me for two main reasons: one academic and one personal.  Academically, chemistry is a true love and passion of mine.  Working in the laboratory on an experiment is truly invigorating for me.  Personally, I would like to know the chemical content in the foods that I eat.



Lauren Chamberland

As a student planning to pursue a teaching degree, this experience was important to me because it allowed me the experience of working with high school students and enabled to share my passion for writing with them. 



Jessica Chandler

This experience was important to me because I was able to intern in a lab setting, which is beneficial for my future career. I was able to take what I have been learning in classes and apply it to real life situations. Instead of reading about breath test systems, I was able to see how they operate and calibrate them for the various police departments. 



Elaine Colvin

I enjoyed my time at the prison the most because it touched me very deeply. These women were very happy and grateful to be receiving the care. No matter what criminal offense they had committed they were still people who deserved to be treated. I learned a lot clinically as well as emotionally and mentally that I will apply to my life. 




Kathleen Corridan

I was working with the Oncology Dietitian to assess the nutritional needs of patients who were undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatments. I also gathered and presented information during the month of March for National Nutrition Month about healthy eating, eating to prevent cancer, and free resources to track calories. 



Grace Cotnoir

Overall, my internship has been a positive experience and I have definitely learned a lot.  It has been great to be able to apply the things I am learning in school to real life situations.  It has also enhanced my studies at school as I have a greater understanding of the things I am learning in the classroom now.    


Kami Davis

The experience was important to me because it allowed me to work, become a part of, and learn more about the community in which I attend college. The experience overall taught me a lot about the city of New Haven and the nonprofit organizations that contribute to it.



Christopher Drobinkse

This internship gave me a true taste of all aspects of the career fire service.  I was involved in the duties of a line firefighter, fire inspector with the marshals office, and observed officer duties.  I feel that this experience has well prepared me for my future career in the fire service.



Katherine Edwards

This experience was eye-opening because it got me in the classroom and I got to help students learn something. While the creative writing class is required to graduate, the service learning was not, and I am very glad I took part in it. It made me sure that I wanted to be a teacher.



Pippa Ellis

The trials and tribulations of running a successful business, to the reward of a photo shoot of the finished results of a beautifully designed space.  My biggest surprise was the value that was placed in my opinion.  As a student I was considered a contributing part of a team.  That experience creates confidence and self esteem for an aspiring designer.


Lori Farruggia

I have researched extensively on branded corporate environments and how they positively affect employees in the workplace. My research has given me experience and knowledge that will help me in my professional career. I am very proud of my dedication and hard work I am putting into the project. 



John Faugno

It was amazing to watch these kids, some as young as 15, baring their souls on paper in the form of poetry.  We heard stories of overcome the adversities of living in poverty, immigration, and discrimination.  The work these kids produced was amazing, and I was proud to be a part of their learning process.



Christopher Festa

My internship with the Connecticut State Police Troop G was truly one of the best learning experiences of my life. I looked forward to going to my internship every day and got to experience so many things simply being in a classroom would never provide. This experience most definitely confirmed that I will truly enjoy being a future police officer one day.



Kaitlin Fish

My internship at the morgue at Yale was probably the most fulfilling experience have had in college. During my time there I realized  I definitely wanted to go to
medical school and become a pathologist. This was a fantastic learning experience.



Abigail Freyer

This experience was extremely important to my future endeavors. I loved being able to come up with questions that needed to be solved about my particular project and then try to answer them.  Over the summer, I was particularly surprised about the amount of pride and self-accomplishment my research gave me. 



Stacey Frizzell

I am so excited about this project and am thankful to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Collins-Greene. This experience has only helped to reiterate the fact that psychology is my passion, and is the right career path for me. 



Victoria Galica

Now that I have the experience of being a research assistant in a lab and running studies to gather, code, and analyze data, I am confident that I am currently studying in the correct field and that I can be successful going forward.



Alexander Goodfriend

This independent study was my first prolonged experience investigating an area of mathematics with limited formal structure. It was exhilarating to work at my own pace on topics of personal interest, not just curricular requirements. Furthermore, it gave me a taste of graduate-level material, which confirmed my desire to continue on in this field. 



Kylie Hall

This experience was important to me because it furthered my desire to own a small music venue.  My proudest accomplishment at this internship was having my idea used as the promotional plan for a tour that was being put on by one of my favorite record labels.  I made long term connections at this internship and really enjoyed my time there.



Caitlin Izzo

My study abroad trip was the first time I traveled to another country. It was a great opportunity to be immersed in the Chinese culture, which is very different from American culture.  Additionally, I attended the Asian Association of Police Studies Conference, which was a valuable learning experience.



Speruthia Jeantel

The Presidential Public Service Fellowship was important to me because it molded me into a humble public servant. I realized how important it was to get involved with the inner community. This opportunity became a significant aspect of my academic experience because i achieved true experiential education.



Stephanie Kane

I was surprised of how  much I learned from this experience as well as the interaction that the department had with the community and the inmates too. It made my desire to become a   clinical psychologist with an interest in criminals.




Alexis Kellogg

Studying abroad was the most exciting and helpful experience I have ever been a part of. It was invigorating learning how to live on my own and to be in a different culture with different people. It really helped me see that all students are different and that there are many ways to look at the world around you. I met some of the kindest and most caring people and I know that I will continue to be friends with them for the rest of my life.



Yelena Kholod

I could not have asked for a more interesting, dynamic, and exciting internship. My whole academic career was focused on the public service sector, but to see that there were opportunities in the business sector for criminal justice majors was enlightening.



Kalaba Kibwe

This experience was important to me because it prepared me for the real world. The biggest surprise was that the company decided to hire me and I have been employed since July 2012.

Christina Kling

This experience showed me what it was like to conduct research in an academic setting. Ultimately, I did not have the time within the course of the summer to finish everything I set out to do, and I learned that in scientific research, a lot of things can go wrong before things go right. Despite this, it reinforced my desire to pursue a career in research.



Chelsea Kopera

This experience meant a lot to me because it showed me some deeply creative people from all kinds of backgrounds with vastly different experiences from me, yet I was still able to connect with them and share something with creative writing.



Jutta Kramer

After putting in a lot of effort it was nice to see that close to a 100 people attended the seminar. And even though there is lots of data and paperwork that needs to be processed it was a valuable experience and I keep in mind the bigger picture: helping people to start their dream - a business.


Alexandra Krinickas

As a class of all women, we mentored and created demonstrations for current ESUMS students to show them what science at the college level can be like and hopefully maintain their interest in the science. It was a rewarding to see the excitement and interest on the girls' faces on demonstration day and I truly hope they enjoyed the experience as much as I did.


Jaclyn Kubala

This experience was extremely important to me in that it enabled me to continue my previous research from SURF. My proudest accomplishment was presenting the findings from SURF at NASA's Astrobiology Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.


Quen Lamb

This experience gave me a new outlook on life. We were able to help someone less fortunate then ourselves obtain a better life. This made me improve on my organization and social skills. This had to be one of the proudest moments in my life when I say his face light up.



Christine Letsche

This experience was important to me because it gave me an opportunity to give back something to the community in which I owe four years of my life. This community has shaped my life. This experience opened my eyes up to the world of not for profit organizations and all the hard work that goes into serving those who need a little extra support.



Kayla Maciejewski

The entirely hands-on activities allowed knowledge learned in the classroom to be applied in the field. It was a chance to see what police officers really do while on patrol. I honestly believe I had the best internship experience possible and feel honored to have been a part of the program.


Meghan Makowski

This experience helped give me more experience in the classroom on a teacher’s level before I plan to student teach and gain my teaching degree in two years. To see that the younger generation understood the current issues in our generation and shared the desire to express their feelings through writing was the most rewarding part of the entire experience.



Aubrey Marino

Studying abroad really put me out of my comfort zone. I learned so much about the culture in Italy and issues regarding Criminal Justice. Learning about the culture gave me the opportunity to learn some words in Italian and to try foods I never thought I'd eat! I recommend this to every student if they ever have the opportunity to study abroad!  



Emily McCabe

This experience was important to me because it allowed our class to connect with the West Haven community. My proudest moment during this service learning experience was having the participants try kale chips for the first time and having them ask for more!



Meghan McCool

Working at W.B. Mason allowed me to interact with clients and discuss the project with them. My experience at W.B. Mason enhanced my passion for interior design.



John McGlynn

The experience of helping the Co-Op students improve their poetry-writing was in and of itself a very satisfying experience, but to be more exposed to a harsher environment through their poetry really made this an experiential education opportunity that opened my eyes to the real world.



Scott McGuire

This experience is contributing to my understanding of Fire Dept./EMS administration, project presentation, and proposals in the public sector. This project may lead to a major change being implemented to department operations. Note: I am also being supervised by the Chief of Department.



Kirsten McLaughlin

I was able get a better idea of where I would like to pursue a career upon graduating, which to me is the most important part of my experience. I’m grateful to have had this brief but beneficial internship and look forward to applying my knowledge upon graduating in May.



Jennifer Miller

This internship helped to solidify my career choice. I helped detectives work homicide cases and prepare cases for trial. I also helped to train interns. These were all experiences I could not have received in the classroom.



Chelsea Minella

My research will help me with time management skills, research skills and an overall understanding in a specific field in interior design. I hope by the end of this experience to have learned enough about this subject that I can specialize in it once I graduate and help others who are interested with the knowledge I learned.



Peter Miner

The experience was both rewarding and interesting. Also it was nice to feel like I was giving back to the community by helping out an excellent school with a great program that is on a limited budget.




Katelyn Moore

After building relationships with the students it was extremely exciting to be able to take the role of the teacher and see their responses and grasp the concepts of the lesson I had planned myself.



Brandy Morneau

I have learned a considerable amount through my research. I have presented several times as well as co-authored a short publication in the Journal of Chemical Education. This experience has been one of the most rewarding of my undergraduate career and has inspired my desire to pursue a Ph.D.



Angelica Navarro

My internship at the Webb County Medical Examiner's Office was an unforgettable experience. Aside from observation, I was allowed to gain hands-on experience by performing certain procedures of an autopsy under the guidance of the medical examiner and the autopsy technicians.



Bryan Neumann

The opportunities I have had during my research have been very beneficial to my pursuit of a graduate career. This advantage has allowed me to be accepted into a PhD program at Dartmouth College.




Jessica Nicoletti

Working in clinical settings with a diverse population of patients brought about new challenges and learning opportunities for me to grow both personally and professionally. At these rotations, I learned how to interact professionally with different patient personalities. I understand the importance and significance of teamwork, honesty and reliability in a work setting.




Samantha Ogden

When I first met my ESUMS student, he did not even have a topic for his project. I found the experience of guiding him through the process from choosing a topic, designing the experiment, and finally conducting the experiment to be very rewarding.




Mark Palmieri

I learned to analyze, market, network, research, and graphically illustrate information and statistics. Therefore, Sikorsky will serve as a stepping stone to my dream of becoming a prominent professional in professional sports.




John Pantazis

This internship gave me a hands-on experience of the technical and practical application of engineering, which only assured me that I knew I had chosen the correct career path for myself. Hopefully this internship will turn into a possible job upon graduation.



Spencer Poulin

I have familiarized myself with many of the duties and responsibilities of the production staff, and have experienced the steps of the pre-production process, from booking a show to working with the guests on show day. Working firsthand with a diverse group of production teams and shows has given me the hands-on experience necessary to thrive in a fast-paced environment.



Dariusz Pracon

Soon I was being refereed to as the POD expert since I was the only individual there, other than another intern that I was working with, who could set the system up and be able to trouble shoot any problems that would randomly arise during production. I learned how important proper forms and paperwork is in a big company such as Covidien.




Ashlee Racow

This experience was amazing because It gave me the chance to start participating in community service again. It is extremely important to give back to others in your community who are not as fortunate. At the soup kitchen, I was able to see how thankful the men were to be receiving a hot, home cooked meal.



Laura Reimer

This research project was a great experience for me.  I learned a lot about this field which I was already interested in.  From this experience I have advanced by knowledge of Anthropology and also discovered how much I enjoy working on this material.




Erika Roberts

France changed me; it gave me independence and a better understanding of the world. Since I have been back, I’ve been meeting more people and having stronger relationships with friends. I know who I am now, and have an appreciation for what I have at home.




Sierra Rocco

My ESUMS student taught me how to effectively adapt my teaching methods to academically assist students with varying levels of education. Working with my ESUMS student boosted my confidence and taught me how rewarding it can be to see someone succeed after all the hard work they put in to something they truly care about.



Jennie Roth

Service-learning was important to be because it mirrored what I hope to do in the future. It was enlightening to see young kids at the Co-Op kids writing poetry and using it as a medium to express both their troubles and happiness.



Chelsea Rowan

I was required to grow up quickly, as well as accustom myself with a brand new culture. I have never felt so capable and so free as I felt when I was studying abroad.



Elizabeth Russell

This experience contributed both to my sense of heritage and my education. I was given the chance to see how other governments function, how effective they can be, how similar laws are throughout the world, and how much I am truly capable of.




Amanda Sager

Interning with the Yale New Haven CEPDR was a beneficial experience that gave me the insight to what some graphic designers do. Whether working in this type of environment is something I want to pursue or not, I grew as a designer and an individual.




Matthew Scaringe

The Cooking Matters program consisted of teaching childcare professionals how to prepare healthier meals and snacks for the children they care for. Through doing this, I feel that I was able to make a significant impact on proper nutrition and healthy eating for children in childcare facilities in the UNH community for years to come.




Kristina Schimke

This experience was crucial for my years at UNH. Through my internship at the Career Development Center, I was able to grasp real life design work instead of just working on projects assigned to me in class. It gave me a sense of what I want to do and what I do not want to do with my degree after I graduate.




Kristen Schmicker

I received a lot of hands-on experience I wouldn’t have ordinarily gotten, like doing studies of the coral on the Great Barrier Reef or looking at different kinds of coastal management in action on the east coast of Australia. This experience and everything I learned abroad are things that I will use in my future careers and are things I will keep with me for the rest of my life.



Karina Sheremet

Studying abroad was a truly life enriching experience that made me independent and confident in my abilities; while immersed in a different culture, I had a chance to study Criminal Justice and Law from a European perspective, which expanded the way I think in a positive way. Studying in London allowed me to experience a different lifestyle, meet people from all over the world and learn important lessons about myself. It was a wonderful experience that I would gladly do all over again if I could.




Brittany Smith

I love helping out at the programs for youth who are court-mandated to attend to help deter them from underage drinking, speeding, etc. I have become a huge asset to them which makes me feel appreciated and gives me a sense of gratitude when I can lend a helping hand. 





Emily Sobestanovich

Through this experience I was able to make a small difference in people’s lives. For individuals that came in with small children or who were pregnant I helped put together care packages of clothing and sanitary items. I enjoyed working with the people and knowing that I was helping them.




Amanda Spiewak

The best part about getting to work on this project was getting to bring my mentee up to UNH to run his experiment in a real laboratory. The look of excitement on his face was truly the greatest thin in the world. Just knowing that I had that sort of impact on someone, and now I have helped to spark that interest of his in a field that I am truly in love with is more than I could ever ask to get out of a service learning experience.



Justyn Stokely

I have been able to expand my network by meeting prosecutors and judges, and I have gained many connections in the Clerk's office. My proudest accomplishment so far has been that I have been trusted to handle many responsibilities for my position, and the Clerk's office has mentioned keeping me on hand for the summer after I have fulfilled requirements for school.




Shawnee Sullivan

I gained sufficient experience using new technology such as the Atomic Force Microscope. This was a major learning experience because I learned that science doesn’t always work out the way you intend, but that should never discourage you from trying again and again.



Christina Tomarelli

Not only were we able to interact and have fun, but we were able to contrast our different lives and come together through the learning and teaching of writing.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with the students at the Co-Op School in New Haven, and would jump on the opportunity to take another service-learning course.



Justin Urian

This experience gave me insight as to the real nature of police work. I would not be as enthusiastic or eager to become a police officer if it was not for this internship. It really was a great experience and I intend to remain in contact with the officers of the Clinton Police Department and hopefully go on more ride-alongs in the future.



Nathan Ward

We worked hours every week planning and promoting, designing posters, and working with various departments within the University to ensure all bases were covered. The event came off without any issues, and was said to be one of the highest attended events in the Honors program.


 Erin Wiswell

Working with refugees served as an inspiration towards my future goal of working within the United Nations to help many of the situations that they encountered. I never thought one group of individuals would impact my life so significantly as the IRIS community did.



 Allison Young

One of the most exciting moments was when the Charger Bulletin came in to do an article on our research and our small group. We have currently just switched to the stilbene project because we felt it we would gather better results on this project than last semesters. So far, it is working well, and I am very excited to see the end results.



Jeffrey Young

The undergraduate research provided me with great insight into what I could expect in graduate school. It was very independent and required lots of research on my part. It was very enjoyable and my greatest accomplishment was presenting some of my findings at a national conference in San Diego, CA.