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2014 Inductees

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Joe Adams
“This two-week trip gave me the opportunity to experience UNH like I never have before, all while enhancing my education and allowing me to build relationships with everyone in my small group of classmates.”

Shannon Allard
“This experience was important to me because I worked with a diverse group of students and saw their inner thoughts and emotions in their writing. It was a moving surprise to read about their experiences and how different they were from my own. I enjoyed helping them create the final product for their graduation”

Scott Alpizar
“To think in an abstract way in order to solve a problem is a skill that everybody should have. This project has given me that and given me an entirely new thought process. However, this has not been all. I have shown myself what I can accomplish.”

Rachel Aylward
“I also was happy to combine my two majors, Music Industry and Marketing, and be able to put all of my education to good use. This internship was important because it gave me a taste of one side of the industry, helping me to make important decisions about my future.”

Kassondra Bertulis
“This experience was indispensable for my learning. I got to apply the knowledge I was learning in class in real life research. My biggest surprise was how much they trusted me to do and how much they valued my input.”

Christine Bower
“It was a great experience to show girls not much younger than myself that science can be a fascinating and worthwhile pursuit.  It was through experiences like this, being mentored by an older student, that allowed my interest in science to grow, so it was very humbling to then be that older student demonstrating the wonders of chemistry.”

Alexandra Breslin
“It has always been my dream to visit Ireland and to study at this University. I learned so much about the world at Trinity and through this experience I now act as a Global Ambassador for the Study Abroad office to encourage others to take this step.”


Charles Brooks
“I was placed in a country where I couldn't speak the language, but managed to get by, if not excel at communication during my short time period abroad. I was able to travel to nearly a dozen different European countries where I experienced a variety of new and interesting cultures.”


Stefanie Bunyea
“I hope to inspire these students to continue into the Science and Engineering fields, that ESUMS focuses on. I want to keep showing them the magic of science and how it impacts our world today. It's always amazing to see how much these students know, and how much they want to learn and experiment with science.” 


Kasey Cargill
“My biggest accomplishment with this research, other than it was successful, is that I had the opportunity to present my research at the American Academy of Forensic Sciences 66th Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA. The conference in Seattle allowed me to meet many important people in forensic science as well as learn about new advancements and techniques in the field.”


Scott Castellano
“This experience was very important to me because I was enabled to take part in my first busy season to show myself what I was really getting into upon graduation. The internship let me get hands on practice with tax and accounting software that I would not have been able to obtain in the classroom.” 


Matthew Ciarletto
“It was a great experience to create a working prototype of a product that not only has entertainment value, but also has real potential to help the hearing-impaired.”


Brittany Codianna
“While interning, the most beneficial aspect of my time spent there was talking to different officers and hearing their likes and dislikes about the job. After completing my time here, I was able to decide that the State Police is not the career for me, however it will still remain as a back-up plan.”


Naomi Constantino
“Everyday, I was challenged to adapt to a new culture and academic institution. I was immersed into a police university culture with strict rules and dress regulations. This experience showed me that I can adapt to any environment and be successful.” 


Jonathan Coscarelli
“Working with the Stamford Fire Marshal's Office, has broadened my career choices.  It was a great experience and I would highly recommend it to any student looking to obtain a career in the fire service.”


Kami Davis
“Working for the chamber made me an informed student in the community that I work and learn in. I learned about different businesses and where they are located and what they have to offer. I never expected to learn so much about the communities of West Haven and New Haven.”


Kristen DiGiovanna
“My proudest accomplishment was that after I completed my internship in the summer, the Parenting Center asked to me to return for the fall semester. I was honored that they had enjoyed my contributions to the clinic and that they wanted me to return."


Sara Dufort
“I had never had any experience with probation, and despite many people telling me that it was a tedious, and paperwork filled position, I enjoyed every moment that I was there. With most of the clients, I felt as though I was sincerely able to help them and believe that I had an influence on some of their decisions.”

Thomas Dutcher
“This experience was important because it opened my eyes to aspects of Saudi culture of which I was not already familiar with. This experience was important because it re-affirmed my desire to go to graduate school for an international relations degree.”


Lauren Ebersol
“My biggest surprise, and accomplishment, too, was how much fun the girls had while doing this experiment. That was the biggest success to me, because it felt like we really made an impact on these girls, and expressed that science really can be fun, too!”


Mina Elias
“This experience was very valuable to me since it helped me improve my adaptability and working in a different environment. Even though packaging engineering was a little different than what I was studying, it helped me improve on the common aspects of engineering and developed my multidisciplinary working skills.”


Alexander Fagan
“This opportunity has taught me things that I can’t learn from a textbook. I consider myself very lucky to have been able to intern with such a respected entity of the state. I learned so much in so little time.  It gave me a new and refreshing view of the criminal justice field that I was able to take back to school with me."


Kristen Fowble
“I have learned to work independently under an advisor which has taught me how to solve problems on my own.  My proudest accomplishment with this experience has not happened yet.  That will be when I turn in my completed honor's thesis.  I have put so much hard work into this research and it has helped me so much.”


Stacey Frizzell
“I have learned so much during my internship about real-world research in the psychology field. I am not only helping disabled veterans, but also gaining more knowledge about the standard clinical research procedures. I started out only hoping that I could handle clinical work, and I know now that I possess the talent and skills necessary for a position in this field.”


Emily Fuller
“By being successful in my research internship, I have been able to continue working at AxioMx once or twice a week throughout the school year and I have been able to continue building my relationship with the company. In addition, the concepts I have been taught in the classroom/school labs have come into great use at my internship.”


Kristina Gamble
“The experience gave me a look at the municipal fire administration aspect of the career path I'm headed into. The experience gave me a first hand look at what I was learning in the classroom in a way that a book could never do.”

Luiz Garcia
“One thing that I have come to realize working in the field is that beyond all things, communication is the most important part of an engineer's job. Working at Sikorsky, I have learned first-hand that it is most important to be able to explain the information I know clearly and effectively; no matter how complex it might be.”


Aislinn Gormally
“My proudest accomplishment during my internship was when I had to draft legal orders for the Judge. The Court Attorney reviewed my drafts and constantly gave me positive feedback stating how great of a job I did with them. This gave me the confidence to succeed in the internship and helped in proving to myself that I could be very successful at anything I tried my best at.”


Linsey Hartenstein
“It was surprising to discover how much research is required to thoroughly complete a community needs assessment. It was a valuable experience to learn how community organizations are helping people in need.”


Taylor Hauck
“This experience was important to me because the President’s Public Service Fellowship is a prestigious honor that not many people were able to experience before me. I know my hard work in academics, sports, etc. has paid off and led me to the unforgettable experience.”


Jenna Henning
“My main accomplishment is how much I learned about living in Italy as an “Italian.” It meant so much to me to be there, I used to tell the director all the time how one day I will live in Italy. Learning about the Italian culture has taught me to further realize how different everyone is from each other.”


Laura Herrmann
“I was able to apply what I have learned at this university in a real world setting. I realized how prepared I was for a real lab after going through the forensic science program at UNH. I also learned a lot about how labs run with real life cases, and that will help me in my future endeavors.”


Torrie Hoover
“I gained incredible first-hand experience and learned more than I ever thought I could. When I began my fellowship at the court I was shocked at how prevalent drug abuse was and how damaging it was to families and children. I have learned so much about family interactions and child development through my experience as a fellow, and continue to learn even more today.”


Callan Kapush
“Interning at Downtown Records was something I dreamed about doing. Commuting to the city every Monday and Tuesday made me feel so professional. My biggest accomplishment, however, was designing their new intern logo that they will use for years to come. I was able to leave a mark on Downtown Records while they’ve definitely left their mark on me.”


Christina Kling
“I definitely learned what doing research was really like. In the long run, I learned a lot about the research process, including the importance of funding and lab space, and asking the right questions to set yourself up for success.”


Chelsea Kopera
“This experience was very important to me. It gave me an idea of the process of writing a literature review and also gave me a look into the types of issues that can arise in diagnosis of diseases in deceased patients.”


Alison Liberati 
“This experience is important to me because it allows me to gain an understanding of how others are discriminated against and how it affects them in a university setting. I'm glad to be doing this type of research because it will allow future students to help make this campus even more of a diverse one than it already is.”

Shannon Livewell
“This experience was so important to me because I was able to really pin point my strong and weak areas as far as the industry, and I was able to figure out that a job in this department and company fit me extremely well. It was definitely a long road, but it felt amazing to know I accomplished something that has become so valid in terms of my professional life.”


Matthew Lumas
“The hands on experience gave me a sense of the real problems I might face, and made me realize how little I wanted to be an engineer. The second  reason it was important was that it showed me how difficult it can be to work with people in the professional world, even people you are trying to help.”

Kayla Maciejewski
“I was surprised at how professional the journal is. The amount of time to edit an article can take weeks or months. It is a complicated process that takes time and commitment. The staff is extremely friendly and they did everything possible to make us feel at home in Colorado.”


Jessica Macphee
“This experience has been very important to me in understanding the criminal aspects of the law, while helping me achieve my goals of one day being a criminal attorney as well.  The proudest accomplishment I had was when I had put a lot of effort and working helping an attorney prep for a case, that came back with a guilty verdict.”


Meghan Makowski
“My proudest moments working there had to be when the students were asked to write things they loved about their day in their journals then draw pictures of the items they wrote about. I was helping one student with his sentences, and as he was drawing his pictures of every member of the class, he asked me how to spell my name; I was so touched and surprised that he included me in his favorite part of the day."


Dennis Malles
“My biggest accomplishment, was helping a young boy who was outstanding at basketball be more concerned about his grades. Every week I asked him and he came back and told me he was doing better and actually putting more time into it.”


Michelle Marks
“This experience was very important to me and my college experience would not have been as rewarding without it.  It is a great feeling knowing that I could ease the burden of a language barrier for these students and I hope they all continued to strive for their dreams.”


Kaela Mason
“This experience was important to me because it helped me in my goal to decide what I want to do after graduation. I was able to experience a lot of different aspects of the criminal justice system, which only reaffirmed my desire to pursue a career in this field. I also made a lot of connections that will be of help when I seek other internships or future employment.”


Samantha Mathewson
"For me this experience taught to be broaden my horizons. It was my first time traveling to another country, and I was able to try so many new things. I was able to apply what I had learned in the classroom, in the field, which enhanced my learning and experiences abroad.”


Paola Mendoza-Rivera
“First of all, Semester at Sea molded me into a global citizen and helped me fulfill my dreams of traveling to some of my dream vacation spots such as London, Paris, and Morocco. It also gave me the opportunity to enter Cuba, my new favorite of all the countries I have visited throughout my life.”


Samantha Miceli
“Though learning all of these skills were overwhelming in one semester, I was proud to learn more about operating my own restaurant one day. I now have a better understanding of what the food service industry does on a daily basis and I can continue to use these skills throughout my career.”


Lindsey Michaels
“This experience is much more than a class requirement to me. It is me volunteering, giving back to a community and individuals who need help, who have no one else to turn to. It is experiential learning that will be completely applicable and valuable to my future and those in it.”


Maegan Moran
“We were able to learn about the culture first hand and experience it every moment of every day. I would say my proudest accomplishment was being able to interact and speak to my host family even though our conversation was limited. It felt great to be able to use their language and communicate with them.”


Danielle Morgan
“This experience was important to me because I wanted to learn to be able to adapt to a foreign situation. The biggest surprise that I encountered was that I do well in situations that I have not been in before and am very adaptable. This has taught me to not be scared of change, and to embrace new and different situations.”


Rebecca Murphy
“This experience is very important to me because I am able to learn and hone skills needed in my future career. Not only are marketing skills very valuable as a marketing major, but the skills needed to edit and maintain the center's website are necessary in everyday life."


Michelle Murphy
“This internship experience was important to me because it allowed me to apply what I have learned in school. Gaining a real hands on experience made me realize how passionate I truly am about design. This experience contributed to my education by allowing me get the full experience as an interior designer. “


Timothy O' Donnell
“My internship experience was important to me because I gained a wealth of knowledge that will benefit me in the future. My proudest accomplishment was when I was given the opportunity to work with the United States Coast Guard (USCG). “


Patricia Oprea
“Knowing I can affect other people’s lives brings me joy and a sense of pride . I have learned the joy that comes from putting other’s interests above my own, to dedicating time to other people. I look forward to working in nonprofits in the future, and orienting my career plans on this type of work that involves service to the community.”


Christopher Pangborn
“This trip also allowed me to become more culturally accepting as well as expanding my knowledge in how other people live in different countries. Although this experience was scary, it taught me I could do anything and to have more confidence in myself. This was truly an amazing experience.”


Michael Parnes
“This experience opened my eyes to the law enforcement field in the best way possible. Witnessing a variety of things on a daily basis and working varying shifts allowed me to become accustomed to the law enforcement lifestyle for sure.”


Jessica Peters
“It was great to see processes that had been outlined in class fully utilized in a workplace. This experience helped to immerse me in the field in which I plan to work in throughout my future.”


Andrea Pittella
“This experience was important to me because I am a big believer in giving back to the community you are in. . It was an incredible experience for me and the amount of support the community gives the West Haven Community House is enormous.”


Spencer Poulin
“Working alongside an advisor about a subject that I am interested in has given me first-hand research experience and skills that will be vital in the professional world. As I continue to work on this thesis, I learn from mistakes that I have made and use those to better my research and my learning.”


Allison Ramsdell
“These experiences are important to me because I really enjoy spending time with children and I've been considering a career in early childhood development so this seemed like a good place to start. There's one particular student who always says "Hi Miss Allison" when I walk into the classroom and every time she does it, it warms my heart.”


Syed Razvi
“I had not expected the engineers that I was working under to be so helpful; However, they would answer any question I asked. My internship was a great experience. Hopefully, the experience will be helpful when I work after graduation.”


Samuel Rogers
“This was important to me because it was my first time out of the country and provided the culture shock I needed to become a more culturally aware individual. This will make me a better officer and leader in the Army and allow me to pass on my knowledge of the culture to other soldiers. It made me have an appreciation for the language and how difficult it is going to be to become fluent in the language, which is my ultimate goal.”


Victoria Rossi
“It was important to me because it helped me understand that I want to work with children or adolescents in my career field upon graduation. It also exposed me to an environment where children need the mentoring and attention to stay focused. This experience began my pathway into volunteering as a counselor for other organizations.”


Carlo Salvetti
“My proudest moment was helping a very young boy who was having a really hard time learning how to subtract big numbers.  He was counting on his fingers, but could not figure it out.  I sat down and spent a good amount of time teaching him the way I learned how to subtract.  It took a little, but he got better and better at it, and I saw a significant improvement.  The following week he came to me and was excited to show me how he could subtract.”


Kristen Scatamacchia
“This experience was important to me because the only criminal justice system I had been educated on was the American criminal justice system, so I was very curious as to how other countries conducted their judicial proceedings. We had some very exciting and insightful guest speakers who opened my eyes to the types of issues Italians deal with day-to-day and how they affect their judicial proceedings.”


Ali Shapiro
“I gained a great deal of independence from living in an unknown city with an unknown language. I also gained confidence from adapting to this newly developed independent lifestyle and embracing the obstacles I faced with an open-mind. I am most proud of the new sense of cultural awareness I obtained through interacting with so many people from various backgrounds.”


Stephen Shepherd
“This experience helped reaffirm my belief that a scientist can still be very sociable and engaging with what they're engaged in. This experience also helped me realize that I'm not that bad at teaching basic lessons to young children. (It will be a handy skill when I become a parent.)”


Sarah Sloane 
“This experience was important to me because it gave me an opportunity to give back to the community. I learned a lot about how to help students understand a wide variety of homework material. I am glad I was able to make a difference in the West Haven community. 


Casey Smith
“I am taking a look into modern day music software synthesis and how it evolved from analog technology of the past.  I am using the knowledge I gain from this to produce my own sounds and gain an understanding of what it takes to create the best marketable software synthesizers in today’s world.”


Matthew Solarski
“This experience was important because I hope to work in the Juvenile Probation field, and working with inner-city kids was a good introduction to that. I also enjoyed helping them with homework because some of them do not get adequate help from parents”


Amanda Spiewak
“This experience was wonderful for me, giving me the opportunity to work with a student who was very interested in the field that I was majoring in. To see how excited this student was to work with us in a “real laboratory” for a day as he had stated it was such a wonderful experience.”


Ian Steinmann
“This experience taught me quite a bit about how to communicate with individuals with differing life experiences. It isn’t difficult to comprehend that the world is full of different types of people, but I was surprised at how easily I was able to adjust and be able to help and begin to understand these kids in an environment that I was not completely prepared for.”


Scott Tardif
“This experience was important to me because it was my first exposure to research.  It taught me not to make inferences based on predispositions; all of our conclusions had to be based on scientific fact.  This seems obvious, but it is incredibly fundamental in science and requires a certain thought process. “


Cayman Taylor
“This experience was important to me because it was with my dream agency at the ideal place to work. It helped me get my foot in the door and gave me a great opportunity to tour the laboratory, where hopefully I will end up working. My proudest accomplishment was getting this internship. It’s the FBI!”


Liana Teixeira
“It's important for me to get real-world experience so that I can be prepared for getting a job and career after graduation. This series of stories really taught me how to pay attention to the small details and find the humanity in a story. Sometimes the most important story lies where you least expect it.”


Rebecca Thielen
“The information I learned and the advice I was given are invaluable. I was not just an intern; I became part of the lab community. Doing this internship has given me the confidence to continue my dream of becoming a forensic scientist.”


Briana Trudell
“It gave me a chance to be completely out of my comfort zone and how to adapt and adjust to a completely new lifestyle. It made me appreciate how great of a country America is and how blessed I am to live in such a wonderful nation.”


Alyssa Turgeon
“This experience was important to me because it not only helped me understand a culture that differs greatly from our own, but it also allowed me to use and practice a language that I am studying and hope to use in a future job. The biggest surprise to me during the entire trip was the realization that laughter is a universal language.”


Dean Velodota
“Despite  the challenges experienced, I definitely understand the importance of expanding knowledge beyond my own comfort zone and way of societal living.”


Chloe Williams
“I find extreme gratification in grading papers and assisting students with questions on where books are located in the library. One of my favorite parts about the job is that I can interact with the students since the library is such an inviting and open space.”


Robin Willick
“Being part of such an important movement has been both rewarding and empowering, and I plan to continue working with UNH to create a greener campus.”


Erin Wiswell
“This experience has made me realize that I have the ability to overcome obstacles that I encounter.  Studying aboard has allowed me to challenge myself in new ways and learn more about my character and personality as my college career comes to a close.”


Monica Yanez
“Firstly, it gave me an idea on the difference between the work and classroom environment. What I have found different is that everything learned inside the classroom is put ‘to the test’ in this type of environment. There are no more practice tests or homework needed to do.”


Shannon Young
“This experience was very important to me because it allowed me to learn more about myself and become more independent. While studying abroad you make decisions on your own and travel on your own. Being on my own and making all of my decisions for myself allowed me to realize that I can be independent. Studying abroad also allowed me to grow as a person and learn things that I did not already know.”


Kara Zavaglio
“I was given the opportunity to travel and continue my hobby of photography in a completely new setting. I was able to capture what I saw and experienced while studying abroad in Italy. I am now looking to declare a minor in photography and study abroad again.”


Sandra Zawadzki
“This experience was extremely important to me because it was my first exposure to the field in which I wish to make a career in. I will take the lessons and experienced I gained from my internship with me in my career. It has set the foundation for my professional career.”


Nicole Zompa
“I enjoyed this experience because I like working with kids and I like being able to help out those who aren’t as able to help themselves. Also, when the parents would come and tell me they appreciated what I was doing for their children, my pride shot right up.”