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Study Abroad

Studying abroad is an academic endeavor which is meant to enhance and compliment your major area of study.

Studying abroad can be a very rewarding experience both academically and personally. In an increasingly connected world, studying abroad can provide you with an opportunity to actively engage with a new culture and challenge you to think critically both about the host culture and your own. This experience is a gateway to enhancing your intercultural communication skills and gaining a global perspective.

  1. CT Area Study Abroad Reentry Conference

    Study abroad returnees, join us for our fourth annual study abroad reentry conference.

    Click here for more information.

  1. CEA Study Abroad





    The University of New Haven is the "school of record" for CEA Study Abroad. Students who complete courses at CEA Study Abroad Centers abroad earn UNH credits, reported to their home campuses on a UNH transcript. Learn more about CEA Study Abroad Centers and the partnership between UNH and CEA.

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