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Application Process for Study Abroad: Search for a Program and Apply


All students who wish to study abroad must apply through the University of New Haven using our online application system. You can search for programs and apply by visiting the ‘Program Search’ section of the website. One your application is complete, you should receive a decision in approximately 2-3 weeks. Students participating in a program through our network of providers will complete the provider application AFTER receiving approval from UNH.

Applications must be complete by the application deadline. Applications for ALL programs will be reviewed during certain periods of the year. 

All students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 at the time of submitting the application, however some program may require a higher GPA. Please check each program’s page for details on this requirement. Meeting or exceeding the minimum GPA requirement does not guarantee admission to a program. Admission decisions are based on a full review of the student’s file including academic history, disciplinary records, and essay submissions. All admission decisions are final.

What's the next step?

 searching for a programNow it's time to start searching for a Study Abroad program. Visit the Search for a Study Abroad Program pages to learn about your options.