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UNH is “School of Record” for CEA Global Education

In 2006 UNH President, Steven H. Kaplan, and CEA Chairman and CEO, Brian J. Boubek, signed an agreement through which UNH became the “School of Record” for CEA.  

All students completing CEA courses earn UNH credits, reported to their home campuses on a UNH transcript.

All faculty and directors at CEA’s nine Global Campuses – Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Dublin, Florence, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Seville, and Shanghai – are reviewed and approved by a standing UNH committee for the purpose, as are all courses taught at the Global Campuses by CEA staff, and all significant course modifications.  

Criteria for faculty hire, course design and approval, course credit and grading, and student assessment are consistent with those on the UNH campus and with the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (CIHE/NEASC), which approves the School of Record agreement.

CEA produces a self-study for each Global Campus on a fixed schedule, followed by a rigorous on-site team review conducted by UNH, which from 2011 includes an external evaluator.

In partnership with the Global Campuses in Italy and Spain, UNH is a member of the Association of American University Programs in Italy (AACUPI), and of the Association of North American University Programs in Spain (APUNE).

UNH is proud of its partnership with CEA Global Education, and pleased to extend the academic rigor of our West Haven, Connecticut campus to the Global Campuses, a special manifestation of UNH’s global reach, for our students, and all students.